Project profiles – Food Processing Industry

Project profiles related to bakery products, canned mushroom, coconut powder, cold storage, dairy farming, fish pickle etc

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Guest post: Is austerity the answer for economic crisis?

Austerity doesn’t contribute to a better economy. It in fact hinders long term growth.

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President of India Poll 2012

Is it right on the part of Dr. Kalam to ignore the aspiration of millions of people who want him to be the first citizen of India again?

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Category Posts

  • Tax exemption and Optimum salary structure

    A good way to reduce your tax liability is to revamp your salary structure and add some components. Your income tax liability can be reduced if the following components are made use of in an efficient manner: Leave and Travel Allowance: The Leave and Travel Allowance, also known as LTC [...]

  • Nature in a capsule. Sky On The Earth

    Nature and human being.  Many of us say human being is His greatest creation.  It is not correct in a way.  The nature is most significant creation of Him.  Nature reflects eternal beauty, exuding innocence, selfless benevolence, soulful smile, earthly endurance, divine reflection, vials of panacea, ocean of livelihood, non-discriminatory [...]

  • You may ask my soul

    Human being is bestowed with beautiful body, mind, heart and soul.  He is further blessed with one great tool called communication to convey his/her feelings, engage with co-beings, and enjoy sweet relationship.  Besides intelligence, this is one basic difference between the human being and the animal.  Animal may behave the [...]

  • Caravan and true souls

    Love is probably the primordial and foremost emotion between two souls in the context of creation and co-creation.  The essence and core of every religious precept is love, peace, righteous conduct, realization of self and reverence to the Almighty.  Though the world acknowledges various religions the followers and faith believers [...]

  • Shackles of culture

    The world is manifestation of several cultures, contradictions and so many contrasts.  Centuries passed.  Generations went into oblivion.  Many religions and cultures took birth.  There has been a compounding breakage of human fabric into sects, castes, creed and regional identities.  People speak about their rights sans responsibility.  Spirituality is driven [...]

  • Life is a beautiful journey

    Happiness through self discovery beyond mind calculations.  The world is full of hypocrisy.  I read somewhere that one common thing in this world is that all the human beings are imperfect.  A wonderful saying indeed.  We have haves and have nots both living in this world unmindful of each others [...]

  • Divine Soul and Blessings

    These are the expressions of an individual who has been living and excelling in his life through several vicissitudes of time.  During the course of his life journey, he happens to find a soul mate of his choice.  His soul mate made quite a significant impact on his life with [...]

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Essential Skills to earn your first Job

Have you ever thought what skills does an employer look in you to hire you?  Do you know why few people get hired even with very less grades in academics? Do you know the reason why few people survive even in recession period? To survive in the competitive world, especially in countries like India where [...]

Right qualities and right attitude for bright career

Have you ever wondered why few people go ahead in their career irrespective of various odds that come their way? In this article, we shall discuss few of the qualities that help one to be successful in their career. Willingness to Learn:  With the growth of technology, various new things keep adding to present tools, [...]

Why should not we ignore a friends mistake?

” When you truly care for someone, you don’t look for faults. You don’t look for an answer. You don’t look for mistakes. Instead, you fight for the mistakes. You accept the faults and you overlook excuses.”  By doing so we are not actually helping him to grow. We are the obstruction to his growth. As [...]

How to teach and How to Learn

Most of the today’s  engineering students coming out of the engineering colleges in our state seem to have very less to say almost no capabilities that helps to find a job in the present industry.  Let us understand the reason for such disgusting position of our students and then I shall provide you the suggestions [...]

Entrepreneur Corner

  • Complex attitudes of difficult enterprises

    In the professional life we meet several stakeholders.  As a startup planner I have worked with varied entrepreneurs where 80% of them belong to first generation.  They come with a basic business idea, passion and a proposal for startup funding.  The unfortunate thing in India is that many ideas go [...]

  • Top 10 traits of Business Leaders

    Business Leadership Being a leader is like being everything.  Leader is the person who knows what he/she wants and who knows how to get it. Who knows when to say yes and when to say no.  Leader can be described as a person who can draw collective productivity from his/her [...]

  • Decision making in Business

    Decision making in your business: What is business?  Business is communication.  Communicating to yourself and communicating with others.  Communicating to yourself is talking to yourself, telling something to your mind, asking your mind something, making your mind agree to a particular communication or sometimes telling your mind that what it [...]

  • Project profiles for various MSME projects

    What are the best investment opportunities?  I want to setup a manufacturing unit.  What is the best one?  Should I go for manufacturing activity for my proposed business or should I go for trading of items? The above questions are very common for a budding entrepreneur.  The answer is same [...]

  • Project profiles for SSI manufacturing activity

    Here are some more project profiles to setup small scale industry.  Readers may keep in view the following before venturing into any manufacturing activity: The profiles available herewith are indicative and would require rework based on (i) product variation, (ii) production capacity being planned, (iii) unit location, (iv) investment size [...]