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How to get a great job and a great pay?

How to get a great job?  You may no longer need to ponder over it time and again if you could follow the steps herein.

You may be one of those many job aspirants who are looking for their first job, next great job or next big pay?  Did you ever check yourself as to what has been your approach in reaching your big goal?  Are you still following those traditional approaches of making resume, placing it in job sites or submitting it to a HR consultant?  Then you are unlikely to get into your desired slot unless you predominantly have a strong profile.

Then what else you should do?  The one common element for job success or professional success or success of any nature would always lie in the approach that is different, unique and in vogue with the trends related.  Similarly a job aspirant should review his job search methods with respect to rightly profiling his credentials, aptly pitching for a position and ably reaching the target employers.

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(1)  Your resume should serve as a case study:

Your resume should not just list out your academics and experience.  It should at a glance tell the reader as to what you can do in the aspired job and how your credentials shall help you / them in the direction.  Construct your resume like a case study that present the benefit of hiring you and getting return on investment.  Let me explain this with an example.

You must have read some case studies earlier.  A case study generally would talk about:

(i)    A problem and its causes
(ii)    Ways and means to resolve the problem
(iii)    Approach and processes applied to resolve the problem; and
(iv)    Benefits achieved before and after the applied processes.

In the same vein you should be able to present your resume detailing:

(i)    Job position aspired for and your understanding of the job functions
(ii)    Your suitability to the job position w.r.t. your academics, sectorial experience, expertise, and your personal traits
(iii)    Value additions that you can offer owing to peripheral knowledge or additional skills that you possess
(iv)    Benefit of employing you for the position

You may detail the above as a separate sheet attached to your resume.  Before you do this you should be able to explore the project nature, functional requirement and aspirations of the employer in question.  You can take the help of your consultant or go for digital research or even talk to the HR personnel in the organization who sought for your resume or discuss with an existing employee of the company.

(2)  Create digital profile:

The days of carrying paper based resume are no more a right practice.  Go and do a digital profile of yours.  It can be in the form of a blog which doesn’t cost you a pie.  Name the blog preferably combining your first name and last name.  You may also name your blog with your officially known name.  Populate the blog with:

(i)    A brief about you
(ii)    Your interests
(iii)    Your achievements
(iv)    Your strengths
(v)    Your resume without DOB and Address
(vi)    Your social media identities
(vii)    Your writings

Once you create your blog with the above details, periodically keep writing blog posts covering your area of expertise, your experiences or your perceived solutions to common problems in your profession.  The blog posts that you write this way would help your prospective employer as a case study of what you can do and how you can do and professionally what you are?  This is the best source for you to present your total personality in the positive best way.  The advantage here is that you are never in the tense of an interview or similar compulsions.  You can do enough research and come out with best of your writings.  Besides being a supporting credential for your resume this will also help you create your personal brand.

(3)  Create Social Media identity:

You may already be having your account with Facebook or other social media channels. If not you should create following identities.

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Facebook profile:  Make this profile more of a professional in nature.  Don’t let it reflect much of your personal side like your weaknesses, your not much productive avocations, or casual and damaging scribbling on Facebook wall.  Link your blog / your resume to this account.  Invite your professional circle to like you on Facebook.  Engage in constructive interactions.

LinkedIn profile:  Similar to Facebook make this truly constructive.  Join LinkedIn professional groups related to your area of expertise.  Converse actively on important topics.  Create questions and seek reactions of group members.  This is the best platform for you to showcase your expertise, enhance your thinking process; engage with expert professionals whose inputs could be of much help to you.  This process again will enhance your professional side and will give the best of impression to your prospective employer.

Twitter profile: This is a strong source for you to get yourself updated with every minute trend in your area of interest.  How?  You just follow the organizations, experts, or professionals related to your area.  To be precise, you follow the Twitter handles of your prospective or target employers.  You will be able to proactively gather information about the organization.  You may be able to connect with the senior management or senior executives of the organization.  You can engage in professional chat with experts across the globe.

Google profile:  You must be already owning a Gmail ID.  Create Google profile with the same ID preferably the one used in your resume.  Post some good photos.  Submit posts.  Create circles inviting your professional circles.  Link Google profile with your blog.  Place your Google profile badge in your blog.

Announce your digital profile to everyone.  Let them take a look at.  Ask people to subscribe to your blog feeds.

Now you don’t need to wonder as to how to get a great job?  You make a constructive six month effort as detailed above.  I am sure you will be the most sought after professional from among thousands in your area of expertise.  Enjoy blogging.  Achieve your professional goals.

If you are a blogger reading this you may register your blog with and get ready for a great networking.

Happy Blogging!

Do you want your employees to be more productive?

Yes, there wouldn’t be an organization who doesn’t aspire to get more productivity from their employees.  Employee productivity depends on several factors like:

(a) Job knowledge
(b) Job satisfaction
(c) Job delivery tools and resources
(d) Growth opportunities
(e) Personal issues

Among all the above factors the item ‘Job delivery tools and resources’ makes lot much difference in the job performance of an employee.  For example, a staff member who is conversant in working with Microsoft Excel will be able to organize his daily data in a more reusable way and automate several processes in producing regular reports.  The same employee will become more organized and productive if he has been trained on a report generation tool.  Tool and application usage improves job knowledge, reduces cumbersome learning processes, gives better transparency, and keeps an employee in productive mood.

blog-directoryThe evolution of Web 2.0 and its tools have made an employee to be more productive through acquiring job knowledge from myriad resources on the blogosphere which are highly interactive than being a static knowledge repository like earlier web pages.

Blogging is the cardinal tool among Web 2.0 offerings.  Because, one can use any other tool like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter real effectively when he / she has something of his / her own to be shared with people.  That something is the writings on the blog where one can elaborate on many things like:

(a)    Expertise
(b)    Experiences
(c)    Observations
(d)    Professional activity
(e)    Passion and avocation

The above areas, however, are not limited.  It all depends on the explorative and passionate spirit of any given individual.

Here lies the opportunity for every employer to allow, encourage and involve his employees on the blogosphere through company’s official blog published to the public or hosted on the company’s intranet. It can be both that an employer could facilitate intranet blogging on the intranet social network and share chosen data with the public on the World Wide Web.

How an employee can use official blog to the company’s advantage?

(a)    Can write about his pleasant job experience.
(b)    Can write about the culture, transparent processes, and growth opportunities in the company which can benefit future employees and stakeholders.
(c)    Can share his / her ideas on a given professional challenge.
(d)    Can share his job knowledge and special expertise to be helpful to several other colleagues.
(e)    Can address help desk matters which will reduce costs on customer care costs
(f)    Can deliberate on the technologies and market trends that benefit specific or all stakeholders.
(g)    Can offer online training sessions to colleagues wherever so decided.
(h)    Can deliberate about company’s Social Responsibility initiatives and benefits to the society.
(i)    Can elevate company’s online brand identity.

Again the above list is not conclusive.  The blog space is wide and deadly elastic that imagination can only limit its use by any aspirant.

I wish more and more employers in India utilize the blogosphere for enhanced organizational productivity.

Happy Blogging!


Why a student should go for blogging?

Are you a student reading this?  Or a parent reading this?  The subject deliberated is very important to either.

What a student would generally aspire for during his / her academic journey?  (a) knowledge acquisition, (b) academic performance, and (c) positive identity.

I will suggest one more element which is must for every student to permanently place in his academic agenda.  That is keeping abreast with the technology trends on regular basis and applying relevant tools or applications in his / her student life.  Every student would need additional inputs on the class syllabus.  The inputs beyond what he generally would get from his pedagogy.


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The first tool I could suggest would be online learning platform khanacademy which is a repository for millions of tutorials on wide range of subjects like Arts, Economy, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Astronomy and myriad other areas.

The second source that I could suggest would be Social Media tools viz., Blog, Google Profile Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  Most of the students generally use Facebook.  How they use it?  Just for placing photo albums, communicating through wall and messaging tools.  Most of the times the focus content in their communication would be non-academic and casual in nature.

What is the best way to use Social Media tools?

  • A student can build a study network
  • A student can build an innovation and idea network
  • A student can build reference book repository
  • A student can build an exclusive network for extra curricular activities
  • A student can go for his college community network
  • A student can build a community for social initiatives

The above are just indicative.  When a student gets into the crux of the subject, he could come with several other important areas of focus.

What are the steps required to build any given network?

The best start and the most suggested start for social media interactions would be Blogging.  The benefits of blogging are too many besides being a platform of community development.  A blogger will be able to:

  • Improve his / her written English skills
  • Get used to online research
  • Strengthen his subject of specialization
  • Develop a network of several co-bloggers across globe
  • Gain personal brand identity
  • Showcase a very positive profile of his / her to prospective employers
  • Become truly productive
  • Increase self-confidence and attain higher self-esteem

Blogging platform has evolved to be the most sought after space by corporate enterprises around the world to promote their products and services.  As a blogger if a student could build quality profile he / she could start earning even while in college.


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As a student please get into blogging. You can avail expert guidance of expert team members at As a parent, you can encourage your kid to embrace the social media for growth and get yourself in blogging while involving your kids too.

Happy Blogging!