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Blog on your own domain

Blog on your own domain

When I look around the blogosphere, I find most of the bloggers have hosted their blogs on free blogging platforms.  A good percentage of such blogs have aggressive traffic while holding a great page rank.

blog-on-own-domainBlog is a digital asset of the owner.  A blog is valued at a premium price when it holds an envious Google page rank.  The value still goes up if the blog has revenue base through Google AdSense or any other online ad channel.  E-commerce or other business blogs will always go for an attractive price depending on their business model and revenue potential.

We know there are reputed companies like Sedo who are actively engaged in domain marketplace where one can sell his / her domain and websites at an attractive / premium price.  There are domain names those were sold at millions of dollars just for the business attraction of the domain name.  When you Google the Internet you will find websites like Flippa who are actively engaged in domain name market.

Who can sell his / her blog?  Why a blog is bought by people?  Who buy the blogs or Websites?

Let me site an example here.  Say that you have a photo blog or an art blog.  The blog is very reputed and you have built a lot of loyal traffic over a period of time.  Your blog obviously should be holding a good page rank.  It makes your blog a right digital asset for acquisition by an art store, a reputed art house, or for people who are engaged in supplementary services for artists like designer photo frame making people, training academies in art and painting or so.

One of the important considerations for blog acquisition would be that the blog should have been hosted on its own domain instead of a free blog site resident.  Now you know it is time for you to acquire your own domain and host your blog on your domain.  That would truly be an envious asset for you.

Let me also provide you some brief inputs in buying a domain for your blog and shifting your blog to new domain.

  • Buy a domain name which has a popular keyword or combination of popular keywords.  Register the domain for a minimum period of 3 years.  Ensure you are giving an active and valid address as the Technical, Administrative and Registrant contacts.  The mail ID you provide while registering the domain should be kept safe.  Preferably you should buy the domain through Godaddy or similar reputed registrars.  Buy hosting space again from a reputed hosting space provider.  Google the Internet for reviews of hosting providers before you buy hosting space from them.
  • Ensure that the domain name doesn’t have hyphens and preferably not having alpha numeric characters.
  • Preferably go for dot com domain name as it is highly popular and search engine friendly.  If you don’t find .com domain name of your choice go for other top TLDs or Country TLD (like ‘.in’ for India).
  • Submit the domain name to all major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Directories like Dmoz, Technorati,
  • Host the website or blog with a popular web hosting provider.
  • Import your blog content to the new address on your own domain.  Use the import / export tool from your WordPress Dashboard to export the entire blog contents to a file and import on to your new blog.
  • Get your domain or blog SEOd through known source.  Preferably do it on your own.
  • Make changes of your blog address across social media channels.
  • Engage in regular activity through Social Media channels sharing the links of your blog posting or updates of your website to your network on old blog.

The other advantage of having your own domain would be freedom to create several sub domains and use them for your future blogs. For all the new bloggers who are yet to get initial page rank for their blog, it is highly suggested to go for own domain.

Note of caution:  Blogs that hold good page rank could face the risk of losing the Google page rank after migration to a new URL.  The migration should be done taking professionals help.

Happy Blogging!