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Essential Skills to earn your first Job

Have you ever thought what skills does an employer look in you to hire you?  Do you know why few people get hired even with very less grades in academics? Do you know the reason why few people survive even in recession period?

To survive in the competitive world, especially in countries like India where the competition for a job is very high, it is very essential to equip yourself with some skills that would help to get a job. Below are some of the skills that help you to get into your first job.

  • Good appearance particular to the position
  • Education/Knowledge
  • Good critical thinking skills
  • Stability and dependability
  • Good communication skills oral/written
  • Ability to handle change, to cherish it and use it for growth
  • To see obstacles as challenges rather than problems
  • Passion for what you do and the benefit it brings to you as well as the organization
  • Agreement and alignment with the organizations goals and objectives


Before you present yourself, your resume presents you before the interviewer. So be careful in preparing the resume. Present it with good language, no grammatical or punctuation errors and keep it as simple as possible. Don’t put everything in the resume and give the interviewer an opinion that he does not have to know anything about you.  Do not boast about yourself in the resume.

Clarity:  Not only to get into a job, but in every aspect of your life, you should be clear about what you are doing. When the interviewer asks where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? The question seems to be very tempting and easy but the answer that you give can really do a great damage if does not sound great.

  • Being a Mechanical or Electrical Engineer why do you want to enter IT?
  • When all you want to do is programming why did you choose to study Electronics Engineering?

These kinds of questions can really put in you in a fix. Interviewers do not pose those questions to you for fun; they actually want to understand how clear about the career path chosen and your attitude towards it. Be careful to have clarity for yourself not just to answer these questions. At the beginning of the career chose your field carefully, as the most of your life depends on it. Think thrice before you act.

Enthusiasm and Professionalism:

Once you are called for an interview, you have to do some research about the company like the team, products, services that the company offers, awards received recently, which helps you to ask few questions about the company after the interview if you are asked to do so. Also it gives an impression that you are enthusiastic to work with them and even questions like what do you know about us can be answered.

At work, professionalism should be a part of your life. The way you talk, you respond, putting your cell phone silent, punctuality, dress, everything counts. Although you are allowed to have fun and enjoy your job, you are still there to work.

Problem Solving and critical thinking:

This is the important skill that interviewers look for.  This is not something which you feel everything can be obtained from books. It has to develop along with your academics, experience and exposure. Some part of it can be gained from books. For instance as a programmer whatever language you use for programming, logic for solving a problem will be same but the syntax you write for making your compiler understand your piece of code differs. So analytical skills plays a major role in judging you for a position in the organization.

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Communication skills and Team Work:

Even though you cannot write a program, you should be able to explain your logic or idea to someone else who could get the work done for you. You should be able to present your ideas well. People who can communicate well can easily sustain in their job also in their life.

Every Success story in the history was possible only with a team work. There are no one man shows that achieved real success. So an organization looks for the abilities to work in a team and expects their employees to be good team players.

Honesty and Loyalty:

Your first company that offers you a job is like your parent who teaches you everything after you take birth. So be careful in choosing it. Once you have chosen be honest and loyal to it. When you are a baby your company teaches to learn and gain experience. So you owe a lot to your first company. Leaving it when you have gained enough is just leaving your parents orphan when once you become capable of leading your life. To make sense it does not mean you should not change the company for growth in your career, but not to leave the company when it needs you for the sake of high pay or some other benefits.  This is why few companies forcefully make you to enter into an agreement with them. By doing so they are not only helping themselves but are also helping you. At certain point in your career, when some ones look at your profile they feel this guy is committed to the organization for a reasonable period time so he is trusty and loyal.  So do not always jump companies.

Above these all good grades helps to you to give tough competition to other candidates in the interview so do not neglect your studies. Give equal importance to your academics as well. A person who knows how to balance things in life can easily achieve success in everything he does.

The article is contributed by   Mr. Kasireddy Sai Suren Reddy, M.S. In Telecommunication systems.  Mr. Sai is a vibrant individual who has big dreams to see India led by youth.  He can be reached at Email:

Right qualities and right attitude for bright career

Have you ever wondered why few people go ahead in their career irrespective of various odds that come their way? In this article, we shall discuss few of the qualities that help one to be successful in their career.

Willingness to Learn:  With the growth of technology, various new things keep adding to present tools, software, whatever it might me that you use at your work place. You should be willing to get updated before others to be able to make your work simple and fast. Learning is a continuous process as we know, and if you stop learning it is that you stopped living. So always keep learning new things that comes your way which will help your professional and personal career’s growth.

Excellence: In today’s world everybody is gaining capabilities to do a task by using the available resources. But the only quality that differs from one another is Excellence.  If you do the assigned task in a way that nobody else could perform, you are creating a brand for yourself. Exhibit excellence in every small thing you do, that you are creating some difference from others which makes you get recognized among a group and identity for yourself. Strive for excellence in everything you do. Do not be contented with good. Go for great. Give everything your utmost best. You will naturally see how this becomes your career booster. When you strive for excellence in everything you do, you quite naturally surpass others in your work. That gets you ahead.

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Attitude This makes a very important impact in everyone’s life in determining the zenith they reach in their career. As we all know a positive attitude helps to be successful. In our country it goes like this mostly, a person is primarily valued by the experience he has, rather than his capabilities and competency. So donot get disappointed that you are not being recognized even though you perform well than most experienced person(s) in your team. Be patient and wait for your day. Shifting the companies for high salaries and positions is not always good. you never know what comes your way when live on with your consistency. Let your ego not come in the way any any shape and form that might negatively impact your career. Respect the situations. Develop an attitude to work in teams, mingle with people from different cultures, and overweighing their negativities with positives.

Try to always look positive in everyone you will definitely find it, it is the beauty of god’s creation. At the end of the day you are there to learn and improve not to judge someone.


Enthusiasm: How can you ever feel enthusiastic about work especially when you already feel sluggish with  the same routine for for years? Get interested in the work and the energy will flow in naturally. Being enthusiastic and energetic are important in the workplace that can get you ahead. You cannot get ahead without energy.

Efficiency: If you strive hard to be the most efficient worker in the work place, then you will sooner or later get ahead in your career.

Discipline: Start early at work. Some of my most productive days are those I start early before the phone rings and before my staff walks in with questions. Clear your e-mails from last night, draft that important e-mail when there are no disturbances.

Adaptability: When you are friendly to work with, you make working enjoyable for the rest too. Such attitudes in the workplace is welcomed everywhere and you make yourself a competitive edge of any team. This competitive edge is your career booster.

Social:  It is important that you mingle with at least majority of the people in the company. It is good to attend team lunches, participate in cultural activities, involve in discussions so as to be a good team player. As every company want people who can manage themselves and others, nowhere one-man-show will be encouraged even though how good you may be doing so.

Apart from all the above your communication, how well you interact with clients, colleagues, superiors, subordinates, and  how well you  communicate your ideas to team members, to any other person plays a major role in determining your success not only at the work place but also in every aspect of your life.

The article is contributed by   Mr. Kasireddy Sai Suren Reddy, M.S. In Telecommunication systems.  Mr. Sai is a vibrant individual who has big dreams to see India led by youth.  He can be reached at Email:

Why should not we ignore a friends mistake?

” When you truly care for someone, you don’t look for faults. You don’t look for an answer. You don’t look for mistakes. Instead, you fight for the mistakes. You accept the faults and you overlook excuses.”  By doing so we are not actually helping him to grow. We are the obstruction to his growth. As a true friend and well wisher it is our duty to rectify the faults of a person and help him grow constantly.

The intention is not to make everybody look at others mistakes but not to overlook one a potential damager. Some of the bad qualities will be easier to nip at the stage of a bud. If you let them grow they root themselves so strongly into a person that you need a life time to uproot them from him.

When we are accepting/supporting whatever a friend does irrespective of whether the activity is good or bad we are actually spoiling the spirit of true friendship. A true friend who is not selfish, who does not expect momentary gains from us praises us during our success and provides us with a positive criticism when we feel we have succeeded but when we are actually not. He also gives us the required support in whatever way he can when we fail at some point in our life.

Friendship Day Article on Blogbee

Happy Friendship Day

Just when you know from inside that you are supporting a wrong deed of your friend or someone else in your life put a question to yourself that Am I doing the right thing? In most of the cases you do it because you afraid of losing the other person’s friendship or you feel not to have a dispute with someone else. This is true to some extent. If you are courageous enough, raise your voice to say that he has a done a mistake if he really did. Keep in mind you suggest him in confidence  when both of you are socializing. If you do it in public you are actually making a mistake. There are two reasons for this, Nature gifted us with a quality called EGO which often get hurts for no reason. If you really want to do some good to him, why do you want everybody to know about it. The person who gets benefited will always be ready to mention your name if he is genuine.

So Friends, be bold and courage to raise your voice at the mistakes of your friends, provide them with the suggestions to correct them and help them grow. Do not support them or over look them as it causes a great harm to them and in that case you are not a friend of him. Do not be afraid of losing his/her  friendship in doing so. Let them go away, if he understands what you have done he will come back to you one day for sure. Else, you do not need to have such friends in life.

But do not complain or criticize or talk at the back of your friends unnecessarily or to make them bad in front of others. No friend is going to tolerate you. If you come across such people in life stay away from them immediately. In the present society staying away from such kind of people is far better than, living with them and try changing them.

Friends we are the ones who our friends would like to share everything and give importance more than parents. Try to keep the value by being genuine and supportive. Let us keep up the value of this relation pure forever. Be careful in choosing friends, because you will be judged based on the nature of the friends you have.

On the eve of friendship day, I thank each and every friend of mine who were/are/will be there for me in my good times and bad times. Also I specially thank my friends who criticized me and spoke at the back of me because of which I got a chance to constantly improve myself and attain mere perfection……

May god give us all the strength and courage to live a life of Dhamma to experience the real happiness.

The article is contributed by   Mr. Kasireddy Sai Suren Reddy, M.S. In Telecommunication systems.  Mr. Sai is a vibrant individual who has big dreams to see India led by youth.  He can be reached at Email:

How to teach and How to Learn

Most of the today’s  engineering students coming out of the engineering colleges in our state seem to have very less to say almost no capabilities that helps to find a job in the present industry.  Let us understand the reason for such disgusting position of our students and then I shall provide you the suggestions for the improvement.

We cannot put the blame solely on teachers or on students. They share equal role in the current situation. Many teachers are taking the serious responsibility of preparing students to attain capabilities for them to survive in the industry. Students are not realizing the need to get themselves prepared with skills essential for them to sustain in the job market once they step out of the college.  It is due to lack of proper guidance and lack of understanding about the current situation.

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It is the responsibility of every academician in an institution to prepare the students for the market who joins by trusting them. If they themselves do not have the capabilities atleast hire the people who are in the area of training students in soft skills. Teachers should teach students  and make them realize the importance of soft skills, communications skills, personality development skills to every student to be successful individual in every aspect of their life. To succeed as an individual, as an employee or as an employer,  and in every aspect of life these skills play a major role in molding the life of a person. Coming to technical education, a guru should be able to create interest to the student to learn the subject. make him understand the concept and imbibe the concepts into the minds of a student.

Donot spare a student who is not serious about his life or education. As far as my views are concerned a best teacher is someone who can make the student sit in the class without frightening him. To put in the other words, if a teacher can explain the concept clearly in an understandable manner no student would like to bunk the class or get distracted. The major responsibility of teacher is to identify ways to create interest to student. Every student may not have the same level of IQ. So try to counsel each and every student personally, try to find out their problems and eliminate their fears. Treat them as your kids be caring. Its more easier said than done, but atleast it is possible.

I have heard many people saying the Phrase it is not a junior college to Spoon-feed you. Teachers!!!! atleast show them the spoon and make them realize, what skills should they possess to earn the food so that they can feed themselves. By doing so every engineering student may not be benefited but more than half of them gets motivated and be the real engineers.

Now students, do not mug up the subject overnight. If you can get the whole crisp of engineering subjects in a fortnight why do you waste 4 years of your life unnecessarily. Start learning the concept. If your base is strong, you definitely find it foolish to stay over time at your office solving the task given to you. If you donot do it for yourself, someone else will force you to do it for them. You have to enjoy, not only the 4 years but also throughout your life. Preparing or reading the subject in advance helps to attain the capability to understand it by yourself, and by doing so you are giving yourself enough time to go through various reference books which helps you a lot in identifying various problems and their solutions in a wide variety of ways.

Apart from technical capabilities, practical exposure is very important. Try implementing each concept you learn in  real world or atleast linking to real time and try to understand their usage. This way a student can learn more. Students atleast stop mugging and start learning.

Apart from your academics there are lot of skills you need to develop to sustain out of your college, try to develop them under proper guidance. Four years is a  precious time which could not be dared to waste in vain. Above all its your life and you should shape it beautifully no one else would do it for you. Feel responsible. Identify the proper mentors who can guide you in all aspects. Make them feel interested in you by showing interest towards them.

The article is contributed by   Mr. Kasireddy Sai Suren Reddy, M.S. In Telecommunication systems.  Mr. Sai is a vibrant individual who has big dreams to see India led by youth.  He can be reached at Email:

Tax exemption and Optimum salary structure

tax exemptionA good way to reduce your tax liability is to revamp your salary structure and add some components.

Your income tax liability can be reduced if the following components are made use of in an efficient manner:

Leave and Travel Allowance:

The Leave and Travel Allowance, also known as LTC or LTA in common terms is a great way to bring down the tax liability of an Assessee. This LTA amount is given to the employee from the employer so that the employee may go for his leave in any place in India. He himself, as well as his family is covered under this allowance and the amount is exempted. The LTC or LTA amount that an employee receives for a leave spent by him and his family to go to in any place in India upon termination from services or retirement is also eligible for Tax exemption from taxes. The criterion of Actual Expenses however applies to this allowance.

Medical Expenses:

The medical expenses incurred by the Assessee and family members who can be included under the allowance can amount to INR 15000 per annum of  Tax exemption. This amount is also compensated by the employer.

Principal Repayment of Housing Loan:

Amounts leading up to a maximum of INR 1,00,000 is eligible for  Tax exemption in the case of the repayment of the Principal amount toward a home loan. The interests paid are eligible to be tax exempt for a maximum amount of INR 1,50,000. If the acquired home loan is of a higher value then the principal amount and the interest paid may prove to be higher than the allowed tax exempted amount.

Allowance given to an employee employed in the transport system such as Air, Sea, Rail or any such system:

This Tax exemption is allowed in the absence of the employee working under the mentioned transport systems receiving any compensation for his day to day expenses made during his duty that requires him to travel from one place to another. The Tax exemption is allowed for up to 70 per cent of such an amount received by the employee but is limited to an amount of INR 6000 for a month. In such a scenario, in order to gain the maximum  Tax exemption, the Assessee can opt for a joint home loan with a spouse or a parent or sibling. In this case, both the joint owners of the said property can enjoy tax Tax exemption in the right proportions as per the percentage of the loan amount they hold.

Conveyance Allowance:

When an employee is paid allowance for his conveyance that he needs to undertake for his official tasks this allowance is considered as conveyance allowance. The expenses borne by the employee from his gross salary is thus allowed to be exempted from taxes.

Perks or Perquisites like a Car given to the employee:

In the event of an Assessee being provided a car for personal or official purposes, and if a reimbursement is being made by the company towards the fuel expenses, insurance premiums, maintenance costs, and the salary of a driver, if any, the Taxable amount will be

a)  INR 1800 per month in addition to INR 900 towards the driver if the Cubic Capacity of the car equals or is less than 1.6 litres.

b)  INR 2400 per month in addition to INR 900 towards the driver if the Cubic Capacity of the car exceeds 1.6 litres.

If an Assessee uses his personal car for official purposes and receives a reimbursement for the maintenance and running expenses the taxable amount will be

a)  An amount of INR 1800 in addition to INR 900 towards the driver deducted from the exact amount the Assessee receives from the employer if the Cubic Capacity of the car equals or is less than 1.6 litres.

b)  An amount of INR 2400 in addition to INR 900 towards the driver deducted for the exact amount the Assessee receives from the employer if the Cubic Capacity of the car exceeds 1.6 litres.

Rent free furnished accommodation:

Though an accommodation that is rent free and furnished and provided to an employee is treated as a perquisite, the entire payment component that an employee receives from an employer towards this is not entirely taxable. Calculations for tax Tax exemption on the rent free furnished accommodation is based on its estimation and consists of two segments:

Unfurnished accommodation:

When the employer provides unfurnished accommodation to the employee, the rate is calculated as:

a)  In cities where the population is more than 25 lakh, 15 per cent of the total salary.

b)  In cities where the population exceeds 25 lakh but is less than 25 lakh according to the 2001 Census, 10 per cent of the total salary.

c)  In other places, the value of the perquisite will be 7.5 per cent of the salary.

When the accommodation is rented out or leased out by the employer, the rate set is the lower amount of either 15 per cent of the salary or the actual amount that is paid by the employer towards rent or lease.

Furnished accommodation:

When the employer provides furnished accommodation to the employee, the value of the perquisite as calculated by the method used for unfurnished accommodation sees an increase of:

a)  10 per cent of the cost of equipments, appliances, furniture when they are owned.

b)  In the event of the equipments, appliances, furniture being hired, by the total amount that is payable as hire charges.

c)  Or as any charges that the employee may have himself reduced.

The article is the Guest Post contributed by Mr. Aashish Ramchand.  Aashish is a Chartered Accountant by qualification and the Co- founder of, an online tax advisory and filing site. He is very passionate about Indian taxes and loves to write articles about the Indian tax system. He has worked with KPMG and JRC advisory both in international and domestic taxation respectively. He has also completed level 1 of CFA (USA) exam.  You can reach Aashish at You can also follow him on twitter – @aashishjr.