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Right qualities and right attitude for bright career

Have you ever wondered why few people go ahead in their career irrespective of various odds that come their way? In this article, we shall discuss few of the qualities that help one to be successful in their career.

Willingness to Learn:  With the growth of technology, various new things keep adding to present tools, software, whatever it might me that you use at your work place. You should be willing to get updated before others to be able to make your work simple and fast. Learning is a continuous process as we know, and if you stop learning it is that you stopped living. So always keep learning new things that comes your way which will help your professional and personal career’s growth.

Excellence: In today’s world everybody is gaining capabilities to do a task by using the available resources. But the only quality that differs from one another is Excellence.  If you do the assigned task in a way that nobody else could perform, you are creating a brand for yourself. Exhibit excellence in every small thing you do, that you are creating some difference from others which makes you get recognized among a group and identity for yourself. Strive for excellence in everything you do. Do not be contented with good. Go for great. Give everything your utmost best. You will naturally see how this becomes your career booster. When you strive for excellence in everything you do, you quite naturally surpass others in your work. That gets you ahead.

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Attitude This makes a very important impact in everyone’s life in determining the zenith they reach in their career. As we all know a positive attitude helps to be successful. In our country it goes like this mostly, a person is primarily valued by the experience he has, rather than his capabilities and competency. So donot get disappointed that you are not being recognized even though you perform well than most experienced person(s) in your team. Be patient and wait for your day. Shifting the companies for high salaries and positions is not always good. you never know what comes your way when live on with your consistency. Let your ego not come in the way any any shape and form that might negatively impact your career. Respect the situations. Develop an attitude to work in teams, mingle with people from different cultures, and overweighing their negativities with positives.

Try to always look positive in everyone you will definitely find it, it is the beauty of god’s creation. At the end of the day you are there to learn and improve not to judge someone.


Enthusiasm: How can you ever feel enthusiastic about work especially when you already feel sluggish with  the same routine for for years? Get interested in the work and the energy will flow in naturally. Being enthusiastic and energetic are important in the workplace that can get you ahead. You cannot get ahead without energy.

Efficiency: If you strive hard to be the most efficient worker in the work place, then you will sooner or later get ahead in your career.

Discipline: Start early at work. Some of my most productive days are those I start early before the phone rings and before my staff walks in with questions. Clear your e-mails from last night, draft that important e-mail when there are no disturbances.

Adaptability: When you are friendly to work with, you make working enjoyable for the rest too. Such attitudes in the workplace is welcomed everywhere and you make yourself a competitive edge of any team. This competitive edge is your career booster.

Social:  It is important that you mingle with at least majority of the people in the company. It is good to attend team lunches, participate in cultural activities, involve in discussions so as to be a good team player. As every company want people who can manage themselves and others, nowhere one-man-show will be encouraged even though how good you may be doing so.

Apart from all the above your communication, how well you interact with clients, colleagues, superiors, subordinates, and  how well you  communicate your ideas to team members, to any other person plays a major role in determining your success not only at the work place but also in every aspect of your life.

The article is contributed by   Mr. Kasireddy Sai Suren Reddy, M.S. In Telecommunication systems.  Mr. Sai is a vibrant individual who has big dreams to see India led by youth.  He can be reached at Email:

Today’s Youth

Do  Today’s Youth  have different attitudes about Work, Employment, Culture,  and Life  when compared to Youth in the Past?

We the Indian youth are wise, Intelligent, well educated and have all the ingredients to be successful and honest. But, we do not have the resolve to put these to good use.

Our society is full of these intelligent, honest but ambiguous and negligent youth who are not serious in the nation building process. Hence in the process of society rebuilding contribution of youth is zero. Seeing the situation, a concern arises in my mind that what will happen to this country. Reason for this concern is – “Today’s youth is India’s Tomorrow”, if they go so ambiguous and confused then, how can we see the dream of healthy and developed India to be a reality?

Today we are entangled in the web of corruption, illiteracy and unemployment. Speed of development in India is slower than the walk of tortoise. This situation is not acceptable to us; but the thought that nothing can be done about it or even if I take any action it won’t yield anything is the biggest hurdle is achieving our aims. This negative thinking prevents us from taking that important first step which will take us to the solution.

A  new study has found that youngsters are more self-centric and money-minded than their previous generation peers. In my opinion, today’s youth are far more developed than the youth who grew  in the 1950s and 1960s. The distinct difference is that these days youth have more freedom to express their thoughts and ideas and they have more access to knowledge. In this age of information if they are to compete on an international scale, they have no choice but to become more knowledgeable, regardless of whether they want to or not.

Why are our thoughts so negative? Reasons manifold. We have lots of corrupt and power-hungry people around us. Seeing such people the question arises that why should I alone be honest and servile.  So this idea starts rooting in our minds that nothing is going to happen of our country and importantly I alone cannot do anything about all this.

These practices all contribute to ruining the souls and minds of our youth because it convinces them that this is the normal way of life. They see very serious looking elderly people sitting in front of them, managing offices and occupying high positions, and suddenly they realize that such people create artificial obstacles just to get money for tasks that they are supposed to do as a normal part of their job.

That’s what causes young people to change their attitudes towards life. Their ideas of justice and fairness get broken and as a result, they lose faith in people, in themselves, and in their future.  There are so many shortcomings in our present – day education system. We need to train specialists in a purposeful, constructive way. No corruption, no lies. Then people will care about their professions.  In the sight of the ocean, we shouldn’t forget the contribution of drop. A big fire can be generated by a simple spark. This spark of confidence and courage in youth today can make a large difference in the future of their country.

The article is contributed by   Mr. Kasireddy Sai Suren Reddy, M.S. In Telecommunication systems.  Mr. Sai is a vibrant individual who has big dreams to see India led by youth.  He can be reached at Email:


Whom to love?

Love is the seed to the inception of this world.  It is the reflection of ones feelings to others.  The others can be parents, siblings, mother, friend, society or the pet animals.  In fact when you fall in love with the nature it reflects your pure love.  It is highly impossible to describe what and how many forms of it  exist. The feeling of love is divine.  Pure love emanates from within the unseen soul of ours.  It is visible and invisible like the soul, which is not visible in the physical form but yet obvious in the form of life.

See the love flowing when your pet dog caress you, experience the love of the nature when the soft leaves of giant tree touches you, enjoy the love when your sibling yields to your demands, see the divinity of it when you indulge in love with your sweetheart, see the vibrant stream of love when you immerse in the chanting of His name and when tears roll all over you.  Yet see the love when a small child offers his/her chocolate to a poor little girl on the street, feel the concern of it when your teacher admonishes you for not performing well in a situation, feel the it with pride when your dad buys the most cherished bike for you, check if you can replace the selfless love of your friend just exactly when you need him/her.

Can some one describe the infinite, intense, pure and unconditional love of a mother to her children?  Let us just recall the self-less journey of a mother’s love from the time she conceives and till she takes her last breathe.  Does she ever look at your age to love you?  Does she ever care for your wealth, growth or stature?  Does she ever bring forth any conditional form love?  Did you ever care to see the happiness on her face when you achieve something?  Did you ever see how silently she suffers when you neglect her love but never lets her love look down upon you?  Frankly I am not as conversant to describe mother’s love in words.  We can only experience it.

Why this love talks?  Because, I feel very sorry at the way the youth is considering love.  The physical attraction and the teenage driven infatuation are considered as the true love or as the only form of love.  Sacrificing everything like the precious study time, valuable future, invaluable love of parents, concern of teachers and caring advice of friends’ teens just fall to the fatal attraction.  Sensual relationship is branded as love.  Now it is time for teens realize this fact and for the film industry not to make this a subject matter.

By nature we are all emotional.  It is just that some of us act immune to emotions in the face of our personal priorities. The moment we reflect our inner emotions to various situations in life we naturally would showcase our love. Expression is the core of love. Fragrance emanates only when flowers bloom. We know many of the dry petals still carry the most enticing fragrance with them.  Love is similar.  When you express it blooms spreading the fragrance called humane in your presence or absence.  Let us spread that sweet fragrance. For pure commercial minded people love is a great marketing tool.  It attracts more business through beautiful relationships.  Because, love is the sole creator of pure relationships.

Let us love all.  Let us question whom not to love?  Let us question why not to love? Let us also ponder over what will happen to us if none love us? How long can we leave a lonely life where no one talks to us and no one recognizes our presence.

There is a shortcut to love.  Let us not ‘hate’ any one.  When we are free of hatred we naturally spread a form of unknown love.  Lastly let us not forget that love is the only thing that gets compounded when shared.

Purity is love.  Love is humane.   Being human is Godly.

The article is written majorly keeping in view the trend where the Indian film industry overly portrays love in every film.  The industry is making the subject as the only avocation of youth who fights their life for the sake of their sweetheart even at the cost of family.  The scripts are mostly funny.  Tasteless.  Absurd.  Meaningless and sidetracked from the realities.  There is an important story to cite in the context.  Once the divine Sankaracharya was on His tour to places.  On the way He found a man holding umbrella to his wife.  Sankaracharya inquisitively enquired the man as to the purpose of holding umbrella when even there was no rain or trace of rain.  The man replies ‘Swamy, my wife is so beautiful.  See her skin,  Her glow.  Her beauty.  I don’t want her beauty fade away owing to Sun rays.  Hence, I am holding the umbrella.  To this Sankaracharya said to the man ‘will you express similar love if I show still beautiful thing on the earth?’  The man said ‘yes’.  Then Shankaracharya took the man to a temple.  Showed the God.  Asked the man to see the beauty of lord.  The serenity in His face.  The calmness in His smile.  The love spread all over His body.  The incident turned the man surrender to Him.  He became the biggest disciple of the lord.

When we get attracted to the intelligence, attitude, and quite conduct of a person we may consider it the real spark.  When our mind experiences the comfort in someone’s presence it denotes the start of liking .  When we start caring for and don’t mind sacrificing the important affairs of ours for someone special we may take it as love.  Anything otherwise couldn’t be so immediately termed as love.’

Strategy and Leadership

What is strategy?

Strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a major or overall aim.  Aims and objectives are one thing that perpetually engages the minds of leaders.  In order to achieve those aims and objectives strategy is the tool conceived, planned, implemented and managed by leaders.  Any various actions of leadership would be part of such leadership strategy.  Aims and objectives are the derivatives of vision.  Objectives differ from project to project and though there could be several projects being handled by an organization all will have to be generally inline with the vision.  Thus a leader who is in command of several projects should be able to device one or several strategies to successfully align the project results with the whole vision of an organization.  One of the core competencies of a leadership should be the ability to design, direct, review, correct and refine the strategy to achieve leadership mission.

How to design a leadership strategy?

Strategy pivots on analysis.  Analysis is applied on the pieces of knowledge pertaining to a situation.  The aim of analysis is to arrange disparate knowledge pieces into a constructive, relative, logical and pragmatic flow.  The resultant data would form the basis of a plan.  The plan is aligned to the vision and aimed at deriving strategic results.
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Strategy design takes into consideration the various resources on hand in a way to strategically apply those resources for optimal outcome.  There are numerous and numerous business incidents where companies went into losses owing to wronged marketing strategy, wronged corporate strategy or wronged project management.  The reason for wronged strategy could have been owing to inadequacy in strategy design, or gaps of knowledge in the strategy design or absence of logical and pragmatic analysis of various contexts of strategy.  A right strategy will see the vision the way we see the unhindered view of a highway. At the same time we need to think about the risks on highway that might interrupt our journey and the alternative recourse to reach our path.  Thus strategy should inherently contain the risk management plan so that leadership strategy achieves the envisioned objectives of a project.

Strategy and Leadership – Challenges:

(i)  Actors and Mindset:

While a leader plays a significant and pivotal role in designing strategy the team and followers who are the actors and performers of elements of strategy should have full faith in the leader and carry upon with their respective roles.  Certain inimical mindset of one or more actors in the strategy might come as a surprising stumbling block in achieving the strategic goal. Here comes the role of leadership to apply its intuitive and proactive actions to obviate the repercussions out of such mindset reactions of the team.

(ii)  Resources

Very obviously strategy is as good as a piece of paper unless it is supported by resources and required actions.  Resource management itself is a strategy again as mostly projects encounter resource crunch at one or other point of project stage.  It could be human resources, or material resources or time constraints. Dynamic, decisive and optimal mobilization of resources and application of the same would help in smooth implementation of strategy.
We know how military missions handle abrupt resource crunch when the lives of core team members are lost.  The leader emerges here as a multi-role player, stakes himself against every want, improvises dynamite out of nothing and confidently overcomes the gaps out of resource crunch. Though every time we may not face a war situation it is the dynamism of the leader that makes all the positive difference to strategy.

(iii)  Review and correction

An evolved strategy is the right strategy in case of long term projects where certain, political, economic, socio cultural and technological influences may call for strategy review and execution and delivery of the project accordingly. Thus it becomes necessary for the leadership to keep track on the trends, possible influences and keep the strategy relevant from time to time without losing the focus on the vision.

Think strategic and act strategic:

Strategy is equally important for every type of leadership be it political, business, social or even individual.  Strategy to lead self in the right direction is the first strategy that everyone would need.  It is important that the youth and the students should inculcate and exhibit their strategic leadership qualities through excellence in academics, through acquisition of professional skills, participation in sports, cultural, social and futuristic activities.  It always pays to think and act strategically to achieve our life goals.

Optimism and Leadership

Optimism and Leadership

Nature gives us a fresh bowl of optimism every day:

When we wake-up early in the morning and open the doors of the house the first sight we experience are the rays of life powered by the Sun.  They are in fact the rays of oxygen and the rays of optimism that every day the almighty bestows on us to start our day with new vigor and with new belief.  The nature emerges afresh every morning as if it had just taken the bath and dressed up serene.  The birds start their day’s journey, the animals come out from the slumber and we all humans embark onto our day’s schedule.  All this happens with a new optimism that there is going to be an added value to us at the end of the day.

Light is optimism:

The light is optimism.  Positivity is optimism.  The thing whichever can replace the dark is optimism.  That is why people with low esteem or people with chronic pessimistic behavior or people in depression are suggested to stay in the light and free from the lonely thoughts in the dark confines so that they can experience the light of optimism for renewed life.  Thus the clarity one get from the prolonged ambiguity is a path of optimism.

Leaders echo undying optimism:

When we meet a leader we should find him echoing optimism through his appearance, through his communication and through his thoughts and deeds.  The first step of leadership and the end result of leadership is optimism.  When a leader takes up a task he does it with absolute optimism that he is going to achieve the planned result.  Such a gut feeling and strong belief firms up his assertiveness, imbibes in him a natural command on situations, inspires his team to work on the project and infuses the ambiance of optimism around from the war room to battle field.

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Optimism is a ‘Call to Action’ tool:

Optimism is a ‘motivation’ and ‘call to action’ tool which will invigorate the otherwise subdued environment.  Many a team member goes confused in situations of challenge, suffers from low ebbs, develops mood of withdrawal and more over spreads his pessimistic perspective to his co-team members.  At every such occasion leadership works with this ‘call to action’ tool and empowers the team with this tool.

Optimism changes negative to positive:

Many of us participate in business meetings where we commonly find that a participant who speaks with confidence and declares ‘we can do’ draws the attention of several.  Such a confidence is the result of optimism.  Incidentally the confidence in the context may be based on analytical data or just a logical thinking.  Such optimism at times leads to major decisions enabling greater benefits.

Numbers play vital role to convert pessimism to optimism:

Many of us may not believe in mere belief.  We need facts.  We believe in numbers.  We need mathematics and computations that can derive positive answer.  At such times leaders should devise a number formula which can answer the situation.  Thus at times it becomes important to go into the facts and figures than mere logical and opinionated perspective.  A leader can resolve such situations with:

  1. Base facts
  2. Thought and fact analysis
  3. Team knowledge
  4. Resource control
  5. Innovative and invigorative twist

Leadership optimism an example from Telugu Film ‘Leader’

Here is an example for Leadership Optimism from a popular Telugu movie titled ‘Leader’ which was directed by Sekhar Kammula with the lead role played by Daggubati Rana.  The hero is the Chief Minister of a State who attempts to rid the corruption and free the state from hierarchical politics.  He had to face certain humiliations and constraints in the process.  At last he would quit his chair and launch a new political entity.  In the course of several meetings across the state he would demonstrate his boldness and optimism to clean politics once he comes to power.  There is one consistent dialogue he would address every where.  “I have absolute guts to fight against corruption once I come back to power.  Do you have guts to cast your vote without seeking money for vote?” This one dialogue which is spoken with vehemence, confidence and optimism infuses definite hope in people, media and everyone around.  He would win the elections and become CM again.  This is one of many examples where Leadership Optimism can play a vital role in mission achievement.

Dangers of pseudo optimism:

At times situations may put a leader in perplex conditions.  He may get a challenge from his team members or authorities who control him.  It may be a war situation which is showcasing the signs of defeat.  It may be a situation where large sums are at stake against nil results.  It may be a situation where a research and experiment fails.

As a true leader one should accept the fact to save himself from further damage.  Here come certain leaders who don’t want to take the negative outcomes into consideration and vehemently and obstinately hold to their adamant attitude to take the mission forward.   They try to showcase pseudo optimism thrusting upon their opinion on team members.  This is the most dangerous situation where a true leadership should never get into and followers should also notice.

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