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Project Profiles – Chemical and allied

You will find herein some project profiles related to dyeing, lime, cement products, paints, carbide, crockery, granite, battery and sanitary items.  The profile workings and data are just an indicative and the figures will need to be reworked based on today’s market data. However, the project profiles are useful in understanding the project elements, approach, a ballpark investment and ROI.

Any business before being finalized should have an absolute marketing strategy, marketing plan and if possible marketing tie-up.  This is important especially with respect to a manufacturing activity.  Hence, you may choose any specific business avocation duly exploring and researching the market for the proposed product.

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For first time entrepreneurs who are keen to setup a manufacturing unit, say a paint manufacturing unit, they should first understand their own strength related to the industry.  In fact in such cases it is always better to consider trading of the product initially and after a reasonable success you can go ahead with a manufacturing facility. As a second option you should think about taking over an existing company or partnering with an existing business in your chosen line so that you save yourself from the risk perspective.

You can contact the local banker, SFC, NSIC, Debt Recovery Tribunal or Department of Industries to explore taking over sick units or units that are looking for equity partnership.  In case you don’t find right lead you may release an advertisement seeking opportunities in your chosen area.

If you still need further guidance about giving a shape to your entrepreneurship dream you may leave a comment here so that our panel adviser might be ale to assist you with relevant inputs.

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Note: The project profiles are drawn from various government sites.  The project computations and other factors need to be recomputed going by the present market data and the context of your project.