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Essential Skills to earn your first Job

Have you ever thought what skills does an employer look in you to hire you?  Do you know why few people get hired even with very less grades in academics? Do you know the reason why few people survive even in recession period?

To survive in the competitive world, especially in countries like India where the competition for a job is very high, it is very essential to equip yourself with some skills that would help to get a job. Below are some of the skills that help you to get into your first job.

  • Good appearance particular to the position
  • Education/Knowledge
  • Good critical thinking skills
  • Stability and dependability
  • Good communication skills oral/written
  • Ability to handle change, to cherish it and use it for growth
  • To see obstacles as challenges rather than problems
  • Passion for what you do and the benefit it brings to you as well as the organization
  • Agreement and alignment with the organizations goals and objectives


Before you present yourself, your resume presents you before the interviewer. So be careful in preparing the resume. Present it with good language, no grammatical or punctuation errors and keep it as simple as possible. Don’t put everything in the resume and give the interviewer an opinion that he does not have to know anything about you.  Do not boast about yourself in the resume.

Clarity:  Not only to get into a job, but in every aspect of your life, you should be clear about what you are doing. When the interviewer asks where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? The question seems to be very tempting and easy but the answer that you give can really do a great damage if does not sound great.

  • Being a Mechanical or Electrical Engineer why do you want to enter IT?
  • When all you want to do is programming why did you choose to study Electronics Engineering?

These kinds of questions can really put in you in a fix. Interviewers do not pose those questions to you for fun; they actually want to understand how clear about the career path chosen and your attitude towards it. Be careful to have clarity for yourself not just to answer these questions. At the beginning of the career chose your field carefully, as the most of your life depends on it. Think thrice before you act.

Enthusiasm and Professionalism:

Once you are called for an interview, you have to do some research about the company like the team, products, services that the company offers, awards received recently, which helps you to ask few questions about the company after the interview if you are asked to do so. Also it gives an impression that you are enthusiastic to work with them and even questions like what do you know about us can be answered.

At work, professionalism should be a part of your life. The way you talk, you respond, putting your cell phone silent, punctuality, dress, everything counts. Although you are allowed to have fun and enjoy your job, you are still there to work.

Problem Solving and critical thinking:

This is the important skill that interviewers look for.  This is not something which you feel everything can be obtained from books. It has to develop along with your academics, experience and exposure. Some part of it can be gained from books. For instance as a programmer whatever language you use for programming, logic for solving a problem will be same but the syntax you write for making your compiler understand your piece of code differs. So analytical skills plays a major role in judging you for a position in the organization.

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Communication skills and Team Work:

Even though you cannot write a program, you should be able to explain your logic or idea to someone else who could get the work done for you. You should be able to present your ideas well. People who can communicate well can easily sustain in their job also in their life.

Every Success story in the history was possible only with a team work. There are no one man shows that achieved real success. So an organization looks for the abilities to work in a team and expects their employees to be good team players.

Honesty and Loyalty:

Your first company that offers you a job is like your parent who teaches you everything after you take birth. So be careful in choosing it. Once you have chosen be honest and loyal to it. When you are a baby your company teaches to learn and gain experience. So you owe a lot to your first company. Leaving it when you have gained enough is just leaving your parents orphan when once you become capable of leading your life. To make sense it does not mean you should not change the company for growth in your career, but not to leave the company when it needs you for the sake of high pay or some other benefits.  This is why few companies forcefully make you to enter into an agreement with them. By doing so they are not only helping themselves but are also helping you. At certain point in your career, when some ones look at your profile they feel this guy is committed to the organization for a reasonable period time so he is trusty and loyal.  So do not always jump companies.

Above these all good grades helps to you to give tough competition to other candidates in the interview so do not neglect your studies. Give equal importance to your academics as well. A person who knows how to balance things in life can easily achieve success in everything he does.

The article is contributed by   Mr. Kasireddy Sai Suren Reddy, M.S. In Telecommunication systems.  Mr. Sai is a vibrant individual who has big dreams to see India led by youth.  He can be reached at Email:

Ambitions are our tomorrow

ambitions are our tomorrow


Ambitions are our tomorrow
Every time slice lapsed brings tomorrow close
What is our ambition?
Is it with us in every time slice?
Are we with it being near to it?
Tomorrow is just a sleep away
Let our ambition awake during our sleep
If we truly like to own our tomorrow
There are many tomorrows
We can achieve many ambitions
Let us, however, not miss the next tomorrow and first ambition.

This poem is contributed by one of our Guest Authors who write under the pen name ‘Life’.  You may leave your comments here to address him with any queries.

Oh revered women!

The poem below urges women to be more courageous in the prevailing hostility against women in India or elsewhere.  This is specially relevant to India considering the recent incident against Abhaya, Amanath the precious Indian girl who was brutally handled by the animals in the face of humans.  Women is the true nature as she is the bearer and causer of life on the earth.  We need to learn to respect her with total humility.

oh revered women of India

Oh revered women!

The mirror of humanity
The giver of life on the earth
Oh revered women!
The legit thinkers on the earth
Learn to live fearless
Fight the manly advancements
Burn the wicked hearts
You need your space
You need better life
Come out of the traditional incubators
Create a world of domination
Where wicked breath death
Where nature live fearless
Learn Oh revered women
To live fearless life.

This poem is contributed by one of our Guest Authors who write under the pen name ‘Life’.  You may leave your comments here to address him with any queries.


Influence of Media on Youth

Influence of Media on Youth

The term media refers to several different forms of communication such as radio, television, cinema, magazines, newspapers, and/or Internet-based web sites; required to educate and make a socially aware nation. It has always played a very crucial role as a source of information, education and entertainment. With the evolution in the field of economic reforms, India has witnessed a major advancement in the role played by the media. Media has impacted our society in many ways. During the early days of advancement, media was not only informative but also catered to the development of a civilized society.

Red and Green

These days,  television channels and newspapers are racing and competing with each other to make fast name. The condition is bad to such an extent that to become more popular, the communication there appears a kind of  sensationalisation. The fact that media is a critical resource in building a healthy and progressive society is nowhere observed within our communication forms.

Media is often considered as a mirror of the society. The main objective should be to inform, educate and entertain the people. With the increase of channels these days, media has solely become the voice of some political parties. Further, the impact of an unethical and unprofessional information shared through the various communication forms leads to an avoidable aggression within our society.

Television, Movies, Magazine and Music Video’s are some of the many ways today’s young adults are influenced. By creating an image appealing to teens the media controls the variety of material that teens incorporate in their daily lives, because of their quest of self-affirmation and discovery. In the past year, the media, its entertainment industries and fashion designers have created an image containing a more questionable  look. It is this distinctive style that has parents, teachers and even some young adults worried.

TV producers, network executives, motion picture companies and others in the media deny any impact of their programs on the attitudes and actions of youth. Meanwhile they continue to spend millions on special effects and marketing geared to increase appeal to youth markets. While corporations spend millions on market research and advertising to create products and campaigns targeted at a youth demographic, they still deny their ability to influence youth. If this were true to fact, would NIKE continue spending millions every year on product development, marketing and advertising? Would McDonalds still be using cartoon like characters to sell hamburgers? Would music labels be increasing the level of violence and sexual content in the music geared towards the youth audience? Would liquor companies be using youth oriented activities in their advertising? Of course it works on influencing youth and its ideals advertising would not be a multi-billion dollar a year business.

Media strongly affects youth culture. The media executives are quick to defend their role in youth violence and bullying while selling millions of dollars in adds focused on youth.  Although our news media pretty much follows format of U.S media (breaking news, sub-titles, headlines, anchors, talk shows etc) but they are not being responsible in showcasing the facts in an ethical way. Instead of focusing the problem and making the people aware it would be better if the focus is more on the solution and creating awareness among the people about the measures to be taken to solve a problem. In this way media could better serve the society.

We must not forget the fact that there are some honest communication forms also. These forms often put their lives at risk to inform us about an event or activity. The communication form(s) should be such that it provides a good atmosphere to enhance the process of binding the society and not breaking the unity amongst the society. We should never forget that, if the various communication forms play their respective roles honestly and cohesively, no one can either weaken the strength of our society or stop the development of our nation.

The article is contributed by   Mr. Kasireddy Sai Suren Reddy, M.S. In Telecommunication systems.  Mr. Sai is a vibrant individual who has big dreams to see India led by youth.  He can be reached at Email:

Today’s Youth

Do  Today’s Youth  have different attitudes about Work, Employment, Culture,  and Life  when compared to Youth in the Past?

We the Indian youth are wise, Intelligent, well educated and have all the ingredients to be successful and honest. But, we do not have the resolve to put these to good use.

Our society is full of these intelligent, honest but ambiguous and negligent youth who are not serious in the nation building process. Hence in the process of society rebuilding contribution of youth is zero. Seeing the situation, a concern arises in my mind that what will happen to this country. Reason for this concern is – “Today’s youth is India’s Tomorrow”, if they go so ambiguous and confused then, how can we see the dream of healthy and developed India to be a reality?

Today we are entangled in the web of corruption, illiteracy and unemployment. Speed of development in India is slower than the walk of tortoise. This situation is not acceptable to us; but the thought that nothing can be done about it or even if I take any action it won’t yield anything is the biggest hurdle is achieving our aims. This negative thinking prevents us from taking that important first step which will take us to the solution.

A  new study has found that youngsters are more self-centric and money-minded than their previous generation peers. In my opinion, today’s youth are far more developed than the youth who grew  in the 1950s and 1960s. The distinct difference is that these days youth have more freedom to express their thoughts and ideas and they have more access to knowledge. In this age of information if they are to compete on an international scale, they have no choice but to become more knowledgeable, regardless of whether they want to or not.

Why are our thoughts so negative? Reasons manifold. We have lots of corrupt and power-hungry people around us. Seeing such people the question arises that why should I alone be honest and servile.  So this idea starts rooting in our minds that nothing is going to happen of our country and importantly I alone cannot do anything about all this.

These practices all contribute to ruining the souls and minds of our youth because it convinces them that this is the normal way of life. They see very serious looking elderly people sitting in front of them, managing offices and occupying high positions, and suddenly they realize that such people create artificial obstacles just to get money for tasks that they are supposed to do as a normal part of their job.

That’s what causes young people to change their attitudes towards life. Their ideas of justice and fairness get broken and as a result, they lose faith in people, in themselves, and in their future.  There are so many shortcomings in our present – day education system. We need to train specialists in a purposeful, constructive way. No corruption, no lies. Then people will care about their professions.  In the sight of the ocean, we shouldn’t forget the contribution of drop. A big fire can be generated by a simple spark. This spark of confidence and courage in youth today can make a large difference in the future of their country.

The article is contributed by   Mr. Kasireddy Sai Suren Reddy, M.S. In Telecommunication systems.  Mr. Sai is a vibrant individual who has big dreams to see India led by youth.  He can be reached at Email: