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Why a student should go for blogging?

Are you a student reading this?  Or a parent reading this?  The subject deliberated is very important to either.

What a student would generally aspire for during his / her academic journey?  (a) knowledge acquisition, (b) academic performance, and (c) positive identity.

I will suggest one more element which is must for every student to permanently place in his academic agenda.  That is keeping abreast with the technology trends on regular basis and applying relevant tools or applications in his / her student life.  Every student would need additional inputs on the class syllabus.  The inputs beyond what he generally would get from his pedagogy.


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The first tool I could suggest would be online learning platform khanacademy which is a repository for millions of tutorials on wide range of subjects like Arts, Economy, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Astronomy and myriad other areas.

The second source that I could suggest would be Social Media tools viz., Blog, Google Profile Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  Most of the students generally use Facebook.  How they use it?  Just for placing photo albums, communicating through wall and messaging tools.  Most of the times the focus content in their communication would be non-academic and casual in nature.

What is the best way to use Social Media tools?

  • A student can build a study network
  • A student can build an innovation and idea network
  • A student can build reference book repository
  • A student can build an exclusive network for extra curricular activities
  • A student can go for his college community network
  • A student can build a community for social initiatives

The above are just indicative.  When a student gets into the crux of the subject, he could come with several other important areas of focus.

What are the steps required to build any given network?

The best start and the most suggested start for social media interactions would be Blogging.  The benefits of blogging are too many besides being a platform of community development.  A blogger will be able to:

  • Improve his / her written English skills
  • Get used to online research
  • Strengthen his subject of specialization
  • Develop a network of several co-bloggers across globe
  • Gain personal brand identity
  • Showcase a very positive profile of his / her to prospective employers
  • Become truly productive
  • Increase self-confidence and attain higher self-esteem

Blogging platform has evolved to be the most sought after space by corporate enterprises around the world to promote their products and services.  As a blogger if a student could build quality profile he / she could start earning even while in college.


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As a student please get into blogging. You can avail expert guidance of expert team members at As a parent, you can encourage your kid to embrace the social media for growth and get yourself in blogging while involving your kids too.

Happy Blogging!


Blog on your own domain

Blog on your own domain

When I look around the blogosphere, I find most of the bloggers have hosted their blogs on free blogging platforms.  A good percentage of such blogs have aggressive traffic while holding a great page rank.

blog-on-own-domainBlog is a digital asset of the owner.  A blog is valued at a premium price when it holds an envious Google page rank.  The value still goes up if the blog has revenue base through Google AdSense or any other online ad channel.  E-commerce or other business blogs will always go for an attractive price depending on their business model and revenue potential.

We know there are reputed companies like Sedo who are actively engaged in domain marketplace where one can sell his / her domain and websites at an attractive / premium price.  There are domain names those were sold at millions of dollars just for the business attraction of the domain name.  When you Google the Internet you will find websites like Flippa who are actively engaged in domain name market.

Who can sell his / her blog?  Why a blog is bought by people?  Who buy the blogs or Websites?

Let me site an example here.  Say that you have a photo blog or an art blog.  The blog is very reputed and you have built a lot of loyal traffic over a period of time.  Your blog obviously should be holding a good page rank.  It makes your blog a right digital asset for acquisition by an art store, a reputed art house, or for people who are engaged in supplementary services for artists like designer photo frame making people, training academies in art and painting or so.

One of the important considerations for blog acquisition would be that the blog should have been hosted on its own domain instead of a free blog site resident.  Now you know it is time for you to acquire your own domain and host your blog on your domain.  That would truly be an envious asset for you.

Let me also provide you some brief inputs in buying a domain for your blog and shifting your blog to new domain.

  • Buy a domain name which has a popular keyword or combination of popular keywords.  Register the domain for a minimum period of 3 years.  Ensure you are giving an active and valid address as the Technical, Administrative and Registrant contacts.  The mail ID you provide while registering the domain should be kept safe.  Preferably you should buy the domain through Godaddy or similar reputed registrars.  Buy hosting space again from a reputed hosting space provider.  Google the Internet for reviews of hosting providers before you buy hosting space from them.
  • Ensure that the domain name doesn’t have hyphens and preferably not having alpha numeric characters.
  • Preferably go for dot com domain name as it is highly popular and search engine friendly.  If you don’t find .com domain name of your choice go for other top TLDs or Country TLD (like ‘.in’ for India).
  • Submit the domain name to all major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Directories like Dmoz, Technorati,
  • Host the website or blog with a popular web hosting provider.
  • Import your blog content to the new address on your own domain.  Use the import / export tool from your WordPress Dashboard to export the entire blog contents to a file and import on to your new blog.
  • Get your domain or blog SEOd through known source.  Preferably do it on your own.
  • Make changes of your blog address across social media channels.
  • Engage in regular activity through Social Media channels sharing the links of your blog posting or updates of your website to your network on old blog.

The other advantage of having your own domain would be freedom to create several sub domains and use them for your future blogs. For all the new bloggers who are yet to get initial page rank for their blog, it is highly suggested to go for own domain.

Note of caution:  Blogs that hold good page rank could face the risk of losing the Google page rank after migration to a new URL.  The migration should be done taking professionals help.

Happy Blogging!



Approach to write a blog post – 2

Ability to find right subject, right topic and right content for the next blog post is the biggest and every time challenge for bloggers.  This is mostly true with those who own personal blogs. I have found several people asking for new business ideas.  Every time I faced the question, I would first ask them to look around wherever they go and make a note of each business that they would see.  I at times even ask them to check things present on them like dress, accessories and daily things that they use.  I just want to remind them that businesses are too many and one should only have keen insight to check what suits them from several business evaluation elements.

blogI just wanted to draw your attention to the above to tell you that as a blogger you can write any thing and everything which makes sense to the blog visitors.  The one cardinal parameter, however, would be to ensure quality inputs in the post.

Let me explain you the possible sources of subject topic for your next post so that you don’t face writer’s block for too long.

TV, Newspaper, Magazine

While you watch TV news or read newspaper you will obviously find several interesting topics or hot topics.  You can choose any one of such latest ones and elaborate the same with your views and constructive criticism.

Facebook wall, LinkedIn group topics, Twitter trends

This is a great source for your next blog post as we are mostly active on Social Networking sites.  Check the most commented or most read topics.  Please check if you could elaborate on the same and offer any additional value through your blog post.  Since the topic chosen by you is already in trending, you will find definite hits if you could add more valid points, valid references and / or real-time studies.

Guest Blogger

Identify if you can invite someone known or familiar to you to contribute a blog post.  This will help you in building great network and getting quality and varied content too.

Literary review

Review a famous book that you might have read any time before.  And book reviews are also a great way to enhance your writing skills. This is one wonderful source as the book and author must have already been a hit keywords on the net.

Your experiences

Write about your experiences that could help others.  It could be anything and from any time in your life journal.  You could even cover the experiences of your friends, family members or anyone known.

The invariable point in your content should be acknowledging resource if it is drawn from elsewhere, obtaining permission of people about whom you would highlight in the blog post or getting approval if you are narrating about an author or so.  The content we create is so powerful that it can build reputation and it can also mar reputation if proper care is not taken.

Happy Blogging!


Approach to write a blog post

Choosing a subject:

Subject is a significant aspect.  Which subject? Which topic?  These could be decided based on your blog focus or on your individual expertise.  Why expertise?  Because it isn’t preferred to write about everything and anything without completely understanding the subject.  Once you are sure about the concept and its details it becomes much easier for you weave words around it.

And remember not to deviate from your blog’s central focus.

Official blog:

If it is your Company’s blog, blog post(s) should be related to your products, services, suppliers, customers and end-users.  Talk about your products, services and their merits, your procurement practices, the competitive benefits you offer, product utility value, return on investment to the end-user and so.  Also focus on your experiences with customers and feedback from customers.  Today’s marketing is about maintaining a relation with customers. Online support forum for the same would enhance customer loyalty.

Blog post title:

Once you know that you are going to write a blog post related to movies or entertainment, the next step is to finalize the topic title.  You can review or rant a recent movie, blah about a celebrity, share any new story ideas.  Or even narrate your all time favorite scenes. And every paragraph you write should be in sync with the blog post title.

Category balancing:

You should have assigned your blog post(s) to some category types.  Like Random, Blah, Business, Poetry or so.  Please check the number of blog post(s) made against each category.  Find out the category against which you have the minimum number of postings made.  You may probably focus on that particular category based topic so that you balance the category based postings.  Though this is not a really required aspect, it is one of the means for you to finalize your next blog post topic.

Promote people:

If you are still unable to conclude on the topic of blog post, get on to the list of people you know. There could be many potential profiles among them, viz., an academic performer, a singer, an artist, an entrepreneur, a social worker, a good friend or a good human being.  You can write your blog post about him / her.  Of course not without his/her permission.  Such a blog posting would attract readymade visitors to your blog.  It can be his/her friends or your friends.  Besides, you are doing a commendable job by recognizing and acknowledging a right individual.

Around you:

Write about your city, your favorite restaurant, a holy place, or even the coffee shop that you regularly frequent.  If not any of these things, you can write about your shopping habits or favorite shopping mall.  And such posts will have more keywords.

Self love:

Talk about yourself. Just blah, don’t get very private. Or write about your object of desire. The fairer can write on expensive jewelry or an enviable designer dress.  And there are common topics like luxury cars, posh locales and more.

Cashing on:

Cash on the market buzz and write about your views on the most controversial things happening around you.  It can be a political issue or some celeb stuff. But remember that your writings should not land you into a new controversy.

Topic breakup:

Now that you know the subject and post title, write a tiny summary of what will you focus in the blog post.  This should act as a point of further elaboration.  To make things more easier, you can break your summary and branching details into sub-titles.  Subsequently, build content on each subtitle.

Blog post – other important points:

Never deviate from your focus keyword.  For example the focus keyword for this post is ‘Blog post’.  You can find it at several places in this posting.  Besides, the content is built surrounding the blog post making issue.  When you are touching the matters of controversy, know your limitations.  Don’t throw casual observations or demeaning remarks about a person or an issue.  Every bad word or unfounded criticism of people lurking in your blog post could invite any future damage to your identity.  Be cautious about this while you construct your sentences.  At the same time, the other most important is not to plagiarize content from Internet and boast it as yours.  Present the original content even if it is a few hundred words.  That makes lot of difference to the genuine ranking of your blog and blog post(s).  Ensure you present an objective conclusion in every blog post.

Happy Blogging!