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There’s more to explore, says Google+

If you felt Google+ wasn’t as engaging, think again. Or may be, visit it again. Google+ has rolled out a new look with additional features and an enhanced experience, and it promises to surprise us even more in the coming few days.

What’s in store now?

The new design is convenient and clutter free, and you have more white space unlike the earlier version. Customized user experience and flexible navigation of apps and menu items is also promised. Then, add a pinch of Facebook, and some more of Twitter. The result is the new redesigned Google+. Okay, in simple words, you’ll have:

1) Better Photos

Be it your profile page or scrapbook photos. Photos on your Google Profile are going to be bigger and better in size. Also, you can instantly upload photos from your phone (should be supported by Android), iPhone, iPod or iPad. Even if you lose your phone your memories will be safe and secure.


2) Explore 

This is an additional feature in the lines of Twitter trends. You’ll know what’s happening/trending around and what people are talking the most about. And yes, for the Twitter addicts, you have hashtags too.

3) Navigation ribbon

The strip of menu you had on top, with Circles, Profile et al, will now be displayed as a ribbon on the left side of your profile. You can even drag menu items up and down according to your priorities and interests.

4) Hangouts

Also, you have an exclusive space for hangouts where you can have one-on-one or many-on-one video chats and browse through live broadcasts.

5) Chat

Chat with people in your circles (they too should have you in their circles). Earlier you had to know people’s mail ID to enable a chat. But now, all you need to do is add your friends to your circles to chat with them. Also, like Facebook chat, Google+ will now display recent contacts on your chat list.

6) More fun

Reports say that more apps and features are on its way, which obviously means more and more fun!

What do you think of the new look? What did you like and what you didn’t? Do let us know.