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Ambitions are our tomorrow

ambitions are our tomorrow


Ambitions are our tomorrow
Every time slice lapsed brings tomorrow close
What is our ambition?
Is it with us in every time slice?
Are we with it being near to it?
Tomorrow is just a sleep away
Let our ambition awake during our sleep
If we truly like to own our tomorrow
There are many tomorrows
We can achieve many ambitions
Let us, however, not miss the next tomorrow and first ambition.

This poem is contributed by one of our Guest Authors who write under the pen name ‘Life’.  You may leave your comments here to address him with any queries.

Today’s Youth

Do  Today’s Youth  have different attitudes about Work, Employment, Culture,  and Life  when compared to Youth in the Past?

We the Indian youth are wise, Intelligent, well educated and have all the ingredients to be successful and honest. But, we do not have the resolve to put these to good use.

Our society is full of these intelligent, honest but ambiguous and negligent youth who are not serious in the nation building process. Hence in the process of society rebuilding contribution of youth is zero. Seeing the situation, a concern arises in my mind that what will happen to this country. Reason for this concern is – “Today’s youth is India’s Tomorrow”, if they go so ambiguous and confused then, how can we see the dream of healthy and developed India to be a reality?

Today we are entangled in the web of corruption, illiteracy and unemployment. Speed of development in India is slower than the walk of tortoise. This situation is not acceptable to us; but the thought that nothing can be done about it or even if I take any action it won’t yield anything is the biggest hurdle is achieving our aims. This negative thinking prevents us from taking that important first step which will take us to the solution.

A  new study has found that youngsters are more self-centric and money-minded than their previous generation peers. In my opinion, today’s youth are far more developed than the youth who grew  in the 1950s and 1960s. The distinct difference is that these days youth have more freedom to express their thoughts and ideas and they have more access to knowledge. In this age of information if they are to compete on an international scale, they have no choice but to become more knowledgeable, regardless of whether they want to or not.

Why are our thoughts so negative? Reasons manifold. We have lots of corrupt and power-hungry people around us. Seeing such people the question arises that why should I alone be honest and servile.  So this idea starts rooting in our minds that nothing is going to happen of our country and importantly I alone cannot do anything about all this.

These practices all contribute to ruining the souls and minds of our youth because it convinces them that this is the normal way of life. They see very serious looking elderly people sitting in front of them, managing offices and occupying high positions, and suddenly they realize that such people create artificial obstacles just to get money for tasks that they are supposed to do as a normal part of their job.

That’s what causes young people to change their attitudes towards life. Their ideas of justice and fairness get broken and as a result, they lose faith in people, in themselves, and in their future.  There are so many shortcomings in our present – day education system. We need to train specialists in a purposeful, constructive way. No corruption, no lies. Then people will care about their professions.  In the sight of the ocean, we shouldn’t forget the contribution of drop. A big fire can be generated by a simple spark. This spark of confidence and courage in youth today can make a large difference in the future of their country.

The article is contributed by   Mr. Kasireddy Sai Suren Reddy, M.S. In Telecommunication systems.  Mr. Sai is a vibrant individual who has big dreams to see India led by youth.  He can be reached at Email:


What can make youth the leaders? The need for leadership.

Youth Leadership is the burning topic which is given high priority in Indian these days. The major reason for paying such huge importance is lack of proper leaders with high courage and ethics to lead the nation. Another reason is to bring a revolution in different sectors like Politics, Management, Industries, Research, etc.  Once Youth start to establish them self as leaders in various fields, the dreams and aspirations of many erstwhile visionaries of our nation can be achieved at rapid pace. Youth have the capability to lead our nation with a condition that they have to be guided properly in the right direction. Youth are not use-less but they are used less. Everyone in the present generation has capability to achieve and prove themselves, but what is lacking is guidance to put efforts in the right direction and opportunity to prove oneself. The development of leadership contributes greatly to the positive development of young people and their communities. Leadership skills are not just necessary for leaders-these skills are needed for success in today’s world

The main hindrance behind youth becoming leaders is Parents. If this is a false opinion, why there is only one Chatrapati Shivaji? Because there are no Jijabais to encourage their sons to be leaders. Why there is no Vivekananda after him? How many parents today will feel happy if their son becomes a Leader and Lead our Nation? How many Gurus are encouraging youth towards Leadership and helping a student to imbibe leadership qualities in them? How many schools and colleges are providing education on Leadership? What percentage of the society is supporting a person to become a Leader? Everything counts if a person has to become the leader. Parents, Gurus, Society, Friends everybody play their own role for a person to evolve as a leader. The Seeds of leadership has to be sown in the mind of a child right from the childhood. If you say this is impossible how Shivaji and Vivekananda evolved? For a person to become a leader he has to lead himself. A person who can lead himself towards the right path can certainly lead others towards right direction.


Most Leadership theorists like Fertman & Van Linden strongly believe that leaders are not born- they are made and young people can learn and develop leadership skills and attitudes. Becoming a leader is a developmental process which will never be the same for two different people. Particularly it is different from adults and young people. Young people have to develop their skills in real time situations where they find an opportunity to engage in decision making process which may affect their lives.  Youth have to be given some opportunities to learn, practice and develop the Leader ship qualities in a proper way.

Youth Professionals or adults who want to help youth to become have to:

  • Recognize and respect the skills, knowledge and experience that young people have and challenge them to enhance the skills.

  • Give them the chance to make decisions about their life and allow them to face the consequences by taking responsibility for their actions.

  • Ensuring that youth are provided with proper training and support to take new responsibilities and decision making.

  • Provide them with the opportunities to learn and develop the leadership qualities in them.

  • Share your duties and responsibilities make them learn from their mistakes.

  •  Allow them to determine what happens next instead of allowing them tasks to accomplish.

  • Believe in them and make them believe in themselves.

Constant interaction with leaders by removing the barriers between young and adults will help the present day youth to observe and develop the skills that various leaders possess. With the help of proper training and support by helping them to create opportunities to learn and practice leadership in ways that make a real difference to them, their organizations, and their communities.

Last but not least it also the responsibility of Parents at home, Gurus at schools and colleges to imbibe the necessity and advantages of possessing the qualities of a leader and how it helps the development of our Nation. If this happens at the early stages of their life as they grow in a disciplined manner it will be easy for the professionals to train and support them and make them leaders in the field they wish.

The article is contributed by   Mr. Kasireddy Sai Suren Reddy, M.S. In Telecommunication systems.  Mr. Sai is a vibrant individual who has big dreams to see India lead by youth.  He can be reached at Email:

Bharath Lead By Youth

My Dream, My India

Mother India’s future is in the hands of youth, who should take inspiration from great intellectuals like Swami Vivekananda, get influenced by the principles of Chanakya and become enlightened like Buddha. India in my vision should be free of all social evils and emerge as super power. Indians in my dream should have no discrimination based on gender, caste, religion and creed. Dream India should evolve to be a place where merit counts in every sphere of life, talent is encouraged, rule is rule for all, criminals are ineligible to occupy seats of power, and the country does not let individuals, intellectuals, researchers, scientists, leave the the mother land for opportunities and recognition abroad. I dream of India where every individual understands the importance of giving back to the society to strengthen it ever.

youth corner, blog bee

My Mission:

To explore, research and apply the measures that can turn Indian youth into good leaders who can raise our nation to great heights. To help them understand the benefits in living a life in the path of dharma and truth and channelize the spirit and energy in them for the betterment of the country.

The Action:

Every Indian has to take an oath saying “I have a goal in life to become a Leader in the field of my choice. I will achieve it irrespective of all the obstacles I come across in the path. I will lead an honest life and will set an example for others to adapt a righteous way of life. I will take responsibility to serve the society, enjoy the life path of Truth and Dharma.  I shall use all my knowledge and innovation I begot for the benefit of my nation.  I shall pay back to the society many times more than I have gained from it.  As a youth of my nation, I shall invest all my efforts in helping the youngsters understand the importance of leadership and how it further can lead to the success of our nation.”

Being a big dream, it might take considerable time to see myself as a leader in the field in which I begin my career. I shall use my experience to guide youth to the path of leadership.  Besides this with the help of learned, experienced and intellectuals, I shall conduct or coordinate Indian Youth Inspiration (IYI) programmes to energize youth and to mold them as leaders. This way I believe there would be proliferation of leaders and, my dream about India can be achieved in a few decades from now.

Finally, Dream, dream, dream. Dream transforms into thoughts. Thoughts result into action.

The article is contributed by   Mr. Kasireddy Sai Suren Reddy, M.S. In Telecommunication systems.  Mr. Sai is a vibrant individual who has big dreams to see India lead by youth.  He can be reached at Email:


Strategy and Leadership

What is strategy?

Strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a major or overall aim.  Aims and objectives are one thing that perpetually engages the minds of leaders.  In order to achieve those aims and objectives strategy is the tool conceived, planned, implemented and managed by leaders.  Any various actions of leadership would be part of such leadership strategy.  Aims and objectives are the derivatives of vision.  Objectives differ from project to project and though there could be several projects being handled by an organization all will have to be generally inline with the vision.  Thus a leader who is in command of several projects should be able to device one or several strategies to successfully align the project results with the whole vision of an organization.  One of the core competencies of a leadership should be the ability to design, direct, review, correct and refine the strategy to achieve leadership mission.

How to design a leadership strategy?

Strategy pivots on analysis.  Analysis is applied on the pieces of knowledge pertaining to a situation.  The aim of analysis is to arrange disparate knowledge pieces into a constructive, relative, logical and pragmatic flow.  The resultant data would form the basis of a plan.  The plan is aligned to the vision and aimed at deriving strategic results.
strategy and leadership
Strategy design takes into consideration the various resources on hand in a way to strategically apply those resources for optimal outcome.  There are numerous and numerous business incidents where companies went into losses owing to wronged marketing strategy, wronged corporate strategy or wronged project management.  The reason for wronged strategy could have been owing to inadequacy in strategy design, or gaps of knowledge in the strategy design or absence of logical and pragmatic analysis of various contexts of strategy.  A right strategy will see the vision the way we see the unhindered view of a highway. At the same time we need to think about the risks on highway that might interrupt our journey and the alternative recourse to reach our path.  Thus strategy should inherently contain the risk management plan so that leadership strategy achieves the envisioned objectives of a project.

Strategy and Leadership – Challenges:

(i)  Actors and Mindset:

While a leader plays a significant and pivotal role in designing strategy the team and followers who are the actors and performers of elements of strategy should have full faith in the leader and carry upon with their respective roles.  Certain inimical mindset of one or more actors in the strategy might come as a surprising stumbling block in achieving the strategic goal. Here comes the role of leadership to apply its intuitive and proactive actions to obviate the repercussions out of such mindset reactions of the team.

(ii)  Resources

Very obviously strategy is as good as a piece of paper unless it is supported by resources and required actions.  Resource management itself is a strategy again as mostly projects encounter resource crunch at one or other point of project stage.  It could be human resources, or material resources or time constraints. Dynamic, decisive and optimal mobilization of resources and application of the same would help in smooth implementation of strategy.
We know how military missions handle abrupt resource crunch when the lives of core team members are lost.  The leader emerges here as a multi-role player, stakes himself against every want, improvises dynamite out of nothing and confidently overcomes the gaps out of resource crunch. Though every time we may not face a war situation it is the dynamism of the leader that makes all the positive difference to strategy.

(iii)  Review and correction

An evolved strategy is the right strategy in case of long term projects where certain, political, economic, socio cultural and technological influences may call for strategy review and execution and delivery of the project accordingly. Thus it becomes necessary for the leadership to keep track on the trends, possible influences and keep the strategy relevant from time to time without losing the focus on the vision.

Think strategic and act strategic:

Strategy is equally important for every type of leadership be it political, business, social or even individual.  Strategy to lead self in the right direction is the first strategy that everyone would need.  It is important that the youth and the students should inculcate and exhibit their strategic leadership qualities through excellence in academics, through acquisition of professional skills, participation in sports, cultural, social and futuristic activities.  It always pays to think and act strategically to achieve our life goals.