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You will find herein some project profiles related to bakery_products, canned_mushroom, coconut_powder, cold_storage, dairy_farming, fish_pickle.pdf, hatchery, milk_products, squashes and more.  The profile workings and data are just an indicative and the figures will need to be reworked based on today’s market data. However, the project profiles are useful in understanding the project elements, approach, a ballpark investment and ROI.

We suggest you to may thoroughly evaluate your business idea before your invest your money, aspiration and time.  May check the evaluation metrics and approach defined in the following image.  This should help you in a pragmatic understanding of your proposed business.

blog bee entrepreneur corner

Further any business before being finalized should have an absolute marketing strategy, marketing plan and if possible marketing tie-up.  This is important especially with respect to a manufacturing activity.  Hence, you may choose any specific business avocation duly exploring and researching the market for the proposed product.

If you still need further guidance about giving a shape to your entrepreneurship dream you may leave a comment here so that our panel adviser will provide you with relevant inputs.

Food Processing Project Profiles:

  1. bakery_products
  2. bread
  3. canned_mushroom
  4. cashewnut_shell_liquid
  5. coconut_cashew_feni
  6. coconut_powder
  7. coffee_flavored_milk
  8. cold_storage
  9. dairy_farming
  10. dehydrated_vegetables
  11. domestic_flour_mill
  12. fish_pickle
  13. fruit_jam_jelly
  14. hatchery
  15. ice_cream_churner
  16. milk_products
  17. protein_rich_biscuits
  18. pulse_milling
  19. ready_to_server_curried_veg
  20. rice_flakes
  21. shrimp_papad
  22. soyabeen
  23. squashes_syrups
  24. termeric
  25. turmeric_powder
  26. wheat_milling

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Note: The project profiles are drawn from various government sites.  The project computations and other factors need to be recomputed going by the present market data and the context of your project.

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  1. sravani July 23, 2012 at 9:37 pm # Reply

    Any entrepreneur should have to keep abreast with the latest business marketing strategies. One should have to check the evaluation metrics in their business approach.

  2. shaikgani July 30, 2012 at 5:33 pm # Reply

    Nice information. I request you to provide the detailed project profile of Milk-Products. My uncle is keen to work on that.

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