Questions for a prospective entrepreneur

You may be an entrepreneur having been there in the business race or an entrepreneur in the making.  An entrepreneur should go for an involuntary exercise every time.  It is putting questions to himself / herself.  Unless you put questions to yourself  you wouldn’t know what you are doing or where you are going.

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The following are some of the questions that generally relevant to entrepreneurs in the making.  May be all are not relevant to you.  May be the questions are still not comprehensive.  Notwithstanding this, you as an entrepreneur should explore answers to these questions which will help you as a due diligence process in your entrepreneur journey.

If any of the readers would like to know the answers to any of the questions they can leave a comment here.  Entrepreneur Corner, BlogBee.In will try to address your queries.

Start-up basics:

What business to start?
Where to begin?
How to begin?
How not to fail?

Vision and Values:

What should I aim for?
What should be my Vision?
What should be my Mission?

Start-up research:

How should I gather business ideas?
How do I know whether my business idea will work?
How do I evaluate my business idea?
Who are the competitors for my business?
What is the market potential for my business?
How much business can I gather?
How can I not fail?

Corporate identity/branding:

How should I name my company?
What should be my company’s name?
Do I need to have a logo?
How do I finalize a logo?
Do I need to go for branding?
What is branding for my business?
Is there a strategy to acquire brand name?
Is it expensive to acquire brand identity?

Revenue, Profit and Loss:

How do I calculate my business earnings?
What are sales Projections?
What are the various costs and expenses in running my business?
How do I know my profit percentage?
How do I know my ROI, Recovery period

Product development:

Should I go for manufacturing, service or trading?
How should I go for product development?
How can I procure required raw material?
How can I procure required machinery infrastructure?

Partners and Suppliers:

Can I partner with some other organization for marketing?
What kind of partnerships should I have?
Who are my suppliers?
How can I connect with my suppliers?
What are the agreements & MOUs I should have?

Marketing and Sales:

How can I market my products or services?
How much budget will I need for marketing?
How can I target my sales?
How can I achieve sales?
What should be my marketing & sales strategy?
How do I know whether I am making a profit or loss in my business?

Finding a mentor:

Who will help me in starting my new business?
Can I get mentoring from an experienced person?
Can I get a part-time CEO, if required?
Do I need mentoring or training to start a business?

Intellectual Property Issues:

What are the registrations required to start my business?
Do I need to pay any taxes?
Can I register as a SSI?
What is Patent?
What is Copyright & Trademark?
How can I secure my logo, my idea or my tagline against imitations or violation?
What are the legal aspects related to my business setup?

Partners, hiring team members:

Can I get a partner with investment?
Can I get a partner with ideas?
How can I enter into an agreement with my partner?
How can I protect my business in a partnership firm?
How can I identify my team requirement?
What is the procedure to hire employees?
How do I know the job description of my employees?
Can I remove any of my employees after their joining?
What are the HR rules & policies I need to implement?
What are the facts related to remuneration to employees?

Presentation and Publicity:

Do I need to advertise my services?
What are the marketing material required for publicity and promotion?
Who will provide these services for my business?
How much budget I should have for publicity?

Loans/Fund raising:

What should I do to get loan for my business?
How much loan I can get?
Whether I will get subsidies?
Do I need to provide any surety / security for my loan?
What are the requirements to apply for a loan?
Can I get funding from my local bank?
What will be the interest rate?
How should I pay back?
What will happen if I default in my loan payment?
Who will assist me in my loan / fund raising requirement?

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  1. shaikgani July 15, 2012 at 12:16 am # Reply

    Oh! It needs a great effort for maintaining a profitable business if we follow the above all instructions/questions. I think it is really a hard task to think more than the above.

    I am happy if you provide the information related to the following questions that you are mentioned’ that is,

    1. What are the legal aspects related to my business setup?

    2. Do I need to go for branding?

    3. What is branding for my business?

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