Life is an album of sweet memories and great challenges

Life is an album of sweet memories and great challenges.  As a human being we are all entitled to live happily and let others live happily to make this society a vibrant colony of contented individuals.

Contrary to the popular belief that luck is an important ingredient for success I believe life and its destination are in our own control if we can dream and envision what we want to be in our life.  Many of us travel in the generally treaded path though we can create new paths of life, new avenues of opportunities and new vistas of happiness.  We just follow the traffic and get stuck in the traffic jam though we probably can foresee a way out before we are pushed amidst.

How to make our life more meaningful to ourselves?  We need to live our life for our own sake.  We need to live our life to earn and enjoy every gift of God.  Every thing around us is a gift.  Nature, Family, Well being, Material Wealth, Spiritual Wealth and Freedom.  Yes, the freedom is one thing that we need to appropriately exercise for our own growth.  Time and Freedom are the two significant ingredients that can create an idol of happiness.  What freedom?  It is your free thinking, it is your unrestricted view of future, and it is your plan to reach the envisioned future.  When you think about your future don’t place speed breakers in your own path.  Think freely.  Think wisely.  Add common wisdom to every thing you dream.  To be a successful director of successful film called ‘YOU’ you should envision things right, you should identify right ingredients and you should render the planned script right.

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We make many common mistakes which might lead to our failures.  Not that we don’t want good life.  Not that we don’t know what we are doing.  We are acting like robots that behave and conduct as programmed.  This is the exact point where we need to exercise our freedom to not to act like robots.  So what are the common mistakes for our failure?  What kind of robot behavior we mostly beget?  What is important to make our future bright?  Let us look at some common answers for all these questions.

Don’t be over dependent:

Dependency is like sin.  What is dependency?  You tend to depend on someone or something at every action you need to perform.  It may be that you invariably need someone to guide you every time.  It may be that your every daily chore is dependent on some one.  It may even be that you don’t wake up unless someone yells at you or you don’t hear the incessant rings of alarm.  It may even be that you will not cook food at home unless the maid servant comes and does her routine.

One should learn to do things on his / her own.  When you become dependent on something or someone you lose your freedom.  You become weak.  You fore go your competency.  You showcase yourself as an amusing stock.  Dependency is the first obstacle in your progress.  Avoid it to achieve things on your own.

Shed inhibitions

Transparency, openness, uninhibited conduct would make life easier.  You should never pull back yourself in expressing something.  Never express half-hearted suppressing your thoughts.  Freely express yourself when you believe in something.

Wisely communicate your thoughts so not to create a friction or resistance in the discussions.  Think freely.  Talk freely.  Act freely.  Apply common wisdom when you perform these three tasks.

Don’t display reluctance

You may be asked by your colleague or senior colleague to undertake some important task which is generally not in your scope.  You may be asked by your parent to attend to something important errand.  You may have received an opportunity to participate in a social cause at the expense of your time.  You may need to spend extra study hours to achieve a good rank.

In all the above or any similar situations think for a while why you tend to show reluctance.  Is it an involuntary expression or action?  Or is it a calculated decision?  Even if you need to express your reluctance learn it in the best way that doesn’t hurt others at the very outset.

Stay away from myopic thinking

Think freely.  Think beyond what you see.  Think openly.  Improve your vision.  All the big people dream big and envision big.  They are never short sighted.  They carry a kind of binocular vision.  They keep adding powerful lenses when the vision gets blurred.  That is why they better manage risks.  Be it their personal life or professional life.  So think freely.  Avoid short-sightedness.

Avoid procrastination

The tendency to procrastinate things is the most dangerous obstruction in your success path. Laziness is the cause for procrastination.  Disinterest is cause for laziness.  Disinterest emanates for lack of passion and drive to reach envisioned path.  If you are serious to achieve things in life and serious to see yourself in the big picture you should right away attend to the things long pending with you.  Avoid procrastination to achieve your vision.


When you receive something you should acknowledge it.  Reciprocation is just as simple as that.  Starting from the morning greetings till the sumptuous supper served by your mother or spouse we receive many good things in life.  Reciprocation is an art of creating healthy relationships.  Be it your personal life or professional processes.  Learn to acknowledge when you receive something.

Don’t go jealous

When you go jealous you invite mental strain.  It is okay in case you feel jealous at the success of others and would like to compete to achieve similar stature.  But jealousy as an element of negative trait would only cause harm to your personal stature and at times separates you from valuable relationships.

Restrain anger and impulsiveness

Anger at times is a protective layer.  Anytime anger is self destructive.  When anger and impulsive behavior join together and you yield to the situation you will only weaken yourself letting others win in the context.

When you can’t restrain your anger you may at least stay away from the situation to curb possible damages.

Don’t become impatient for results

You might have done your part and waiting for results.  Impatience in any situation would only bring mental strain and conflicting thoughts.  Maintain a balanced state of mind.  For this you can engage yourself in some activity slated for you.  The activity would work as a detraction and make you further productive.

Diffidence is dangerous

Diffidence is lack of self-confidence and it is the most inimical trait for individual progress.  Lack of self confidence arises when you lack the knowledge of the situation in question.  Try to build related knowledge and you will find yourself more comfortable and bold to accept the challenge.

You should believe in yourself before others make an assessment of you.  The face of self-confidence is similar to a sword of success.

Keep eyes and ears open for criticism

Invite, accept and consider criticism for self-correction.  People who criticize us would only remind us of our weakness.  But we also face people who throw criticism out of jealousy and inimical behavior.  Feel free to accept such criticism in the situation and reject the person in your further interactions.

Know when to say Yes or No

The most difficult part of life is to express ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ in a situation.  Both have the ability to bring damage and benefit.

It is very difficult to write a suggestive approach in this particular aspect.  However, one should pickup boldness to say no when it calls for.

Indulge in sweet memories

When you are in bad moods indulge in sweet memories.  Thinking about the unpleasant situations would tantamount to inviting unpleasant situations while damaging the present state of mind.  Replace such thoughts with several achievements or amusing moments of your life.

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Know time is money

Time is the only raw material for success.  In fact time is money as we every one of us know.  But again it is the time that we waste every minute.  Count the number of hours and days you lost in your life.  Let us check the number of hours and days that we actually used for our present level of achievement.  Understand how much more value we could have added had we used the lost hours and days.

Time is representation of numbers.  The numbers that speak growth and productivity.  You can always compound your growth when you can make use of every ticking of the clock.  Not that you shouldn’t sleep or have fun or indulge in matters of importance.  The pointer here is about the hours we waste in every day life.

Never leave your goals and efforts

You may have set certain goals in life.  It is very common.  This is what we do on every New Year day.  But the problem lies in renewing the same goals each year forever.  When it becomes difficult to achieve things in wholesale let us at least attack our goals breaking them into meaningful work packages.  Let us achieve the tasks sequentially or as required based on the dependency factors.

Setting up goals and not attempting to work towards the same would only showcase us as frivolous and non-serious persons.

Life is an album of sweet memories and great challenges.  Let us try to counter the challenges using the above tools to make our album more attractive and forever memorable.

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4 Responses to “Life is an album of sweet memories and great challenges”

  1. MahammadGani Shaik May 29, 2012 at 11:34 am # Reply

    Yes friend, it is quite interesting and happy to inform you that I feel the topic well and applying it on me. And I am saying, I have to improve in few of your explanations. If everyone is serious about the concepts you are covered in this topic and develop the personality as individuals, then it is good for our career development. Everyone have to think separately in making a bright career without copying the thoughts of others, I mean if my/our thought will match with others whom we don’t know is a common thing, we don’t bother about that. We just carry and continue our thoughts freely and ascept the challenges which struggles our path.

    In one sentence, I want to conclude my opinion, that is, mostly if we perfect with the concepts explained in this topic, it is possible that Life is an album of sweet memories and great challenges for every individual. So we people be ready to enjoy the each and every gift of God.
    Thank you

  2. sunil July 10, 2012 at 9:15 am # Reply

    Yes life is an album of sweet memories and great challenges.Luck and success go hand in hand for a happy life.though there are some bad things in life which pulls us down there will be a load of sweet memories which will overcome them. It is very important in life to be happy because a happy you is responsible for a happy family and inturn responsible for a happy society.
    Everything around us is really god’s gift.We should be thank full to god for what we are. When we are in bad mood memorising the sweet memories will get you out of the mood.If you try to cultivate this habit then your life will be sweet with lot of sweet memories.

    • chanduDflare July 20, 2012 at 7:40 pm # Reply

      World is made of Positive and negative things, similarly life consist of good and bad, bad and good take turns in a life, happiness depends on the perception of an individual. Taking good and being happy or thinking bad lies with the choice maker.

  3. saipavan July 25, 2012 at 9:41 pm # Reply

    Life is all about a mixture of sweet memories and great challenges.Above topic was very clear about life.There will be many obstacles which knock us few times in our life.Its a pretty common thing for every human.One has to face it in a positive way,know them and try to overcome them in future.Take it as a challenge.Postiveness should be adaptable for everyone.Hardwork should be done until we reach our goals.Dont dissapoint in the middle if something happens wrong.Friends be a hardworker put your maxium efforts to reach your goals nothing will be impossible.”HARDWORK NEVER FAILS”.Luck will be friend of you if you are a hardworker.Obstacles are like waves which is common in the ocean.Deny them.Move forward.ALMIGHTY has created us like humans.Everthing can be done by a person.Be freindly with everyone every friend will be ours friend.ALL THE BEST for your future friends.Make it sweet.

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