Are we not killing our younger generation? Are we not ignoring the future of India?

India’s historical intellect:

A country’s richness is more apparent through its culture, heritage, intellect, natural resources and leadership.  Pre-independent India heavily lost its precious resources through historical loot and vandalism by foreign invasion.  It didn’t make India poor as true richness of India crests beyond precious stones and copious resources, in the form of knowledge, intellect and leadership.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Swami Vivekananda, Dr. Rabindranath Tagore, and many other pre-independent sages have added intellectual, philosophical and social values and richness to India. Their influence is ever fresh and resounding in Indian society.

India’s contemporary intellect:blogbee official blog

Independent India has been further blessed with statured personalities like Dr. Abdul Kalam Azad who is an icon of intellect and scientific leadership for India.  In the recent past the movement of Anna Hazare has further proved that we need more true leaders like him who can veer Indian society towards greener pastures.

The next question is do we have someone in the making who can probably emerge as a true leader, as an intellectual and as an influencer for our future generations?  Are we making any serious steps to empower our younger generation?

Challenges before Young India and younger generation to emanate as future leaders:

When we look around us in today’s society the affairs of youth are not fully convincing to answer the above questions.  There are many institutional gaps or say many a shortcoming in the nourishment of tomorrow’s leaders.

  1. Parents who are the founding pillars for an individual’s development hardly have time to envision such a role or path to be played by their offspring.  At times in many instances parents are ignorant of such need even.
  2. Learning and development is considered as just a mere ladder for career making, career progression or material success.
  3. Educational institutions are behaving like sheer commercial ventures who would like to see their personal wealth as return on investment than the development of their students as leaders or influencers and finding them in the top echelons of leadership.
  4. The content and pedagogy in educational institutions is not mature enough to create leaders, thinkers or intellectuals.
  5. Majority of young graduates emerge from colleges as mere certificate holders than being innovators or passionate for a productive future.
  6. Innovation, scientific temper, social temper and personal touch are becoming scarce commodities.
  7. Many a bright and promising students are ignored by society based on several discriminations like caste, creed, wealth or jealousy.
  8. Governments are struggling for every time survival and sustenance in face of ever changing political uncertainties.
  9. The work of NGOs in this direction is hardly visible.
  10. The media which has emerged as the powerful influencer in today’s society is playing to the tunes of sensationalism, bias or numbers of sustenance.
  11. The film industry or entertainment sector which is the other impactful media is seized with commercial, stereotype, and pale content which just portend either violence or immature love or frivolous relationships.
  12. There is no constructive system in the country that can develop trainers, faculty or teachers who can inculcate important leadership traits beyond academic syllabus.

The imminent measures required to empower younger generation:

  1. We need an exclusive University, a research-cum-mentoring institution which will nourish tomorrow’s leaders in areas like Politics, Technology, Innovation, Social Sector Development, Culture, and Vision and Strategy.
  2. We need philanthropic organizations and individuals who will support the sustenance of this university and the students equally.
  3. We need political will to give shape to this cause.
  4. We need parents and students who will understand the value of leadership and who would passionately think about the bright future of India.  We need parents who will encourage their children to play an important leadership role for India’s bright future.
  5. Other universities and educational institutions should introduce the new syllabus and pedagogy as suggested by the proposed university.  This should happen right from school level so that by the time a student graduates he / she would be able to think the significance of his / her role for future India.
  6. Other government and non-governmental institutions that have already done their research in this direction should collaborate with the proposed university and share their research expertise for accelerated introduction of programs.
  7. We need to devise an external incubation center headed by intellectuals, matured politicians, technologists, business men and religious scholars who will supplement to the visionary direction of these future leaders.

The need of the hour for India is not just today’s employment, not just growing more food or not just trying to secure India from invasive forcers.  We need to think about our future.  We need to see that young India is empowered to shoulder the responsibility for tomorrow.  We need to see our country at the zenith of all-round development.

Let us empower our younger generation.  Then they will know how to take care of future India.  They just need guidance.

Can’t we do this?

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5 Responses to “Are we not killing our younger generation? Are we not ignoring the future of India?”

  1. MahammadGani Shaik May 29, 2012 at 11:31 am # Reply

    Yes Friend, you are giving a mature idea about the topic, I will agree with you throughout the topic………
    I just want to add that’, “ Ok, we are not poor. Even our historical view says that we are losing so much from the British people, I hope still our country maintaining the legends like APJ Abdul Kalam, who is the living legend of our country. Like him, if we have the legends in every sector it’s a good sign to our country. In my thought, I strongly believe that, for example, throughout India there is a chance that we are having a best cricket player than Sachin Tendulkar, best leader than today’s politicians, best chess player than Vishwanathan Anand, etc…who are still not recognized nationally and internationally. As you say that Government is not supporting few candidates because of their caste, creed, wealth or jealousy.
    Today’s named institutions are also not thinking to generate leaders, professionals related to every sector. As your thought, I am also very excited to see the country like. If days are come like, if our country also think in this manner and maintain/establish a separate University and prepare the syllabus according to create brighter generation from school level and seriously taking every action regarding to it. Then it is possible friend. If we success to create one generation then the cycle is going on. I am just revised your thoughts throughout my discussion.

    And another point is, in India, we people are learning so many languages, I think it’s a burden to the student for learning more related to his career development, if he/she utilize this energy on his career development, of course we would realize the change. In foreign they are following mostly one language and practices on the field in which they are having the interest and their parents also gives freedom to do that. We have to follow it for the development of our country.

    Note: Sorry friend, India have one of the legends like ‘Moulana Abul Kalam Azad(former & first Education Minister)’ and ‘Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam(Former President of India)’, I think the name you mentioned in the topic is confusing me.
    Thank you

    • chanduDflare July 5, 2012 at 9:51 pm # Reply

      The younger they are the tender their thoughts are ! I do agree there is need for social n political reforms in Indian studies and the way the students are thought . nevertheless of the country or state or region , its the individual dream to be something in life . those so called legends are indeed kids who realized and were encouraged to achieve their dream . Though the road to the success is tough and tormenting its the zeal of the individual to achieve it , but all we do is , treat them n their ideas to be insane . I believe the first step of achievement starts at home , if we are not discouraging them and let them learn by their own mistakes , every person in India is a legend .

  2. sunil July 6, 2012 at 10:43 pm # Reply

    Yes we are killing our younger generation and we are ignoring the future of India in several ways. There are many reasons for this. Though many great leaders and Intellectuals were born in India compared to other countries, India is still a developing country and is still not listed among the developed countries.
    There are many reasons for this. Busy schedule of parents, Education system, Migration of scholars to other countries, Greediness for money, lack of guidance, corrupt practises and lack of social responsibility among people are leading to the non-development of India. Younger generation is concentrating only on earning rather than learning.

  3. sravani July 18, 2012 at 4:44 pm # Reply

    Yes, we are ignoring the future of India. Youth can only make a country’s future bright. Younger generation have great capability. Present academic situation in our country is the evidence. In schools, unless a teacher feels the responsibility and cover the depth of the subject(s), students can’t acquire right knowledge and they will not be able to progress as productive citizens.

    Introducing special knowledge areas like social responsibility, need for leadership and role required in our nation’s development would make students more precious for our country.

    • chanduDflare July 19, 2012 at 8:54 am # Reply

      As i mentioned earlier, tender thoughts of young generations needs direction, mentor them, tech them, set goals for them, and most important of all, show the fun out of things to them, I suppose if the above are fulfilled, the younger ones cant ask more than that!

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