Have you ever been taught to think about a better India in school?

Education is said to be the founding pillar of a child’s future. But, over the years schools have been vigorously driving numbers. They have taken the numbers seriously and not education. For schools, students are machines that bring great numbers at the end of an academic year which they can later use to advertize and get in more students and make more money the following year.

In our school education, we were never taught things like leadership, role of students in the nation building, or for that matter we never had a discussion about the trends in various spheres.  We were always put on the anvil called exams and were pushed to prove ourselves or compete with each other.  Again there was no positive or pragmatic guidance as to how to compete with performing students in a healthy way and in an amiable way.

We were never allowed to be creative. “You have to follow the text book, don’t use your brains” is what the teacher used to say.  The class was divided in to three groups. The top rankers, the average group and the failures. This division was instilled by the teachers. The barriers were there to be seen.

Handling failure, being creative and team work are the qualities of a leader. But, we were asked to ignore them. Core values, ethics and broad mindedness were never taught. I know broad mindedness may not be something to be taught about but such traits can be instilled by the teachers or mentors.  So how can one expect such students to grow up and lead a family, a society or a country? They might do it, but will they be as effective as they should have been? Don’t think so.

If I were to stand today and look for a teacher, I would look for somebody who knows HOW to teach and not a Subject Matter Expertise who knows WHAT to teach.

Developing well educated students is vital for the progress of the nation. Today, my dream is to become a successful entrepreneur and build an organization of great values and ethics. I wish to upgrade my lifestyle and progress emotionally, socially, financially and be a helping hand to the less fortunate. In order to achieve this, I would require a mentor who can guide me, someone who has seen it and done it. Someone who is open minded and someone who is worth following.

I have lived a little over a quarter of a century and I believe if I tread the right path I can make a decent contribution to the society that I live in. The last thing I want when am 60 is to look back at myself as somebody who ran around for Roti, Kapda and Makaan and did nothing more.

I have 7 years of corporate experience which has helped me develop skills and qualities that are required to perform a role to the best of what I can a progressive attitude and the willingness to learn.  I am willing to put together my experience, skills, passion, commitment and bit of guidance to realize my dream helping myself and helping others.

The article is contributed for Youth Corner of BlogBee by Subhash Kumar.  Subhash comes with 7 years of working experience in corporate sector.  He is presently self-employed offering social media consulting through his firm Prolific Social Media.

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3 Responses to “Have you ever been taught to think about a better India in school?”

  1. MahammadGani Shaik May 29, 2012 at 11:28 am # Reply

    Thank you Sir for sharing your valuable thoughts and experience. It is a dream for me that when is our nation will think to change structure of school management. As you say, mostly no school in our area which provides the standards to the above average pupil, give efforts for making of average pupil to the above average level and mentally change the way of failure pupil and make them serious about their studies, etc…
    I want schools like, even the schools are maintaining their profits by taking huge fee from the pupil, they have to plan a separate session on students to shine them in order to become a perfect leader or a person who will control himself and think of his better present/future of his/her family.
    Thank you

  2. chanduDflare July 8, 2012 at 11:00 pm # Reply

    We live in a commercialized world where money is the only thing which matters!
    We can’t just blame the school’s management for this scenario of practice, As a matter of fact ,profit is the only thing that matters to any management . despite being in such conditions its a duty of a teacher to guide a student . its a teacher who spends 8 hrs a day with the students Remember !..Of all the Educational institutions only handful of them are really concerned about the all-round development of a student . And now they are called as IIT’S in our country ! No wonder getting a seat in iit is life time achievement for any student .

  3. sravani July 29, 2012 at 8:51 pm # Reply

    No student gets to know much about our country in school. No teacher now a days imparts the role of students in the country’s development. This is all because we are living in a commercialized world. Money is the only matter. Teachers feel that they are earning money to deliver basic pedagogy but they don’t care for the over all development of students, they don’t try to impart much beyond that. Students spend much time with teachers only. So it is their responsibility to give right knowledge to students.

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