Youth Voice – I would like to contribute in nation building with my technical knowledge.

Time is the most important resource we have. Time decides the capability of today’s youth. What I do in today’s 24 hours will decide my tomorrow. Thus time management is one of the challenges youth face today.

I am a university student. I belong to a special section of society which is immensely important for our Country. I am the youth; I belong to the Young India. Around 60% of our population falls in between the age group of 18-35 years. This means we have a strong youth base in our country. But how many young Indians actually think about matters of nation building? How many of us heralded their responsibility or even considered once of being a national leader?

It is unfortunate that the youth including me is missing in action in the national arena. My affinity towards science drew me towards engineering – but is it really the passion or just greed? I mean being an engineer certainly improves my job prospects and it’s definitely not greed. I can invariably get a job by doing just any course. Better explanation is that I would like to make a significant contribution in nation building with my technical knowledge.

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All this sounds very nice theory but to be pragmatic this approach is very difficult to obtain. My university education is limited to curriculum and my parents certainly want me to follow the conventional path of making money. Parents generally discard this type of work as the job of ‘freedom fighters’ no longer exists. But we exist and we are the future generation who are supposed to shoulder the nation’s responsibility. But the onus lies on us to take the initiative and set an example to others. After all leadership is not taught, it is earned.

There are other deficiencies in the system like corruption and parochial approach but we can’t blame the system alone. If we sincerely desire change, then we should be the change and we need to break away from the system and then rectify it.

This is achievable when we broaden our mind and with strength and integrity face challenges that come in our way. Time is the most important resource we have. Time decides the capability of today’s youth. What I do in today’s 24 hours will decide my tomorrow. Thus time management is one of the challenges youth face today. Once we set ourselves with as discipline as a clock runs, we’ll gain so much power that everything will become possible.

Decision making is another challenge for India’s young population. Today’s youth generally tend to walk the well beaten path and this hinders our exploration and exposure. We must try all possibilities and then decide what’s best for us and eventually for the country.

The other challenge is to walk that extra mile. We must not confine ourselves within the boundaries of the society or community in which we dwell in. We should try to gain as much knowledge as possible. Our perception should be broad enough to understand the wholesome need of the country.

Youth, apart from the country, should think of their aspirations. And when these aspirations clash with deficiencies and challenges, the results obtained are drastic.
We aspire to become successful. Secured future is one of our top priorities. But may be we are failing to understand that we can’t have a secured future when the future of our Country is in jeopardy.

We aspire to have a good job, to achieve great professional heights, a healthy family life, but who wants to be a contributing leader to the prosperity of our Nation?

The secret is to merge our personal aspirations with national interest. This way we can help build our country and also our professional career. Like a scientist who satiates his professional zest with dedicated research and at the same time his work is helpful for the nation.

If the youth is tangled in the cobweb of deficiency in the system, challenges of national development, and personal aspirations, then we’ll have an unfinished product which is obsolete in national growth.

But if we find a solution, a right mindset to overcome various challenges, we can surely lead our nation to success.

All we have to do is believe in ourselves, seek what our earlier leaders sought and motivate each other to create a silent revolution. A revolution which will bring back the lost glory of our country, a revolution which will eradicate all the major deficiencies in the system, and a revolution that will make ours a formidable nation.

The article is contributed by Shiva Tyagi, a student of B.Tech (Mech.) from Vignan University, Guntur.  Shiva is a true young Indian whose thinking is in the right direction to become a future leader.

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3 Responses to “Youth Voice – I would like to contribute in nation building with my technical knowledge.”

  1. vanaja June 1, 2012 at 1:05 pm # Reply

    what u have written is correct but why youth is not forwarding to lead our nation, the parents is not a problem, i feel dat politics is the best way to lead the nation. i too feel like dis, but no support for me. The youth is always ready to do something, but the politicians will stop them for doing good things for society. This is the main drawback in our nation.

  2. shaikgani July 17, 2012 at 11:20 pm # Reply

    Like me, so many have a will to contribute in nations building but without the leadership qualities and great following it is quite difficult to build our nation, but it is possible if youth can seriously think about it. Politics is the gateway / platform for this; I hope a will come where the country’s leadership goes into the young hands.

  3. sravani July 29, 2012 at 8:29 pm # Reply

    Youth power is a recognized force in the world today. The youth are filled with tremendous energy and towering ambitions. They can be utilized as a constructive force by any nation. The task of nation-building is herculean and can be spread into phases involving youth. All the young people can take part in this noble task provided they are given a chance.

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