Time management – sample activity plan for personal growth and job acquisition

Time Management – A sample activity plan for personal growth and job acquisition

The immediate priority for youth should always be personal development and job acquisition.  Both are very much interrelated and employers would invariably assess both the personality and job skills of every job applicant.  It is possible to achieve these goals through a strict time management plan.

At the outset, youth should plan their personal growth and job placements while in the campus.  As students who have considerable time and freedom at your disposal, it is generally possible to overlook wastage of precious time which should otherwise be used for achievement of short-term and long-term goals of life.

Please read this article where we have highlighted the approach as to how youth should prioritize their avocations for personal growth.

Besides the above and in order to achieve personal growth youth should strictly follow a time management plan or a time table or an activity plan.  You may check the sample time management plan in the image below.  One may review and modify this plan as suitable to individual situations.  The objective of such review should be to strictly utilize one’s time and achieve planned growth.

Click on the image below for clear picture.

There is a saying from our scriptures that where there is no education and knowledge there is no money, where there is no money there are no friends, where there are no friends there is no happiness.  So the important message is that knowledge acquisition is the first step for happiness.  This should be the most important aim and objective of youth.

While following the above time management plan one should maintain the following traits for definite success:

  1. Have consistent passion for growth like you have hunger for food.
  2. Learn to lie low when it comes to acquisition of knowledge.
  3. Seek and demand the attention of faculty, teachers, and mentors for your growth.
  4. Never conduct yourself with haughty behavior which may detract your mentors in extending their support to you.
  5. Measure your every day growth.
  6. Learn to be answerable to you, to your own vision and plan.
  7. Display honesty, sincerity, transparency and responsibility in your every day dealings.
  8. Never neglect the importance of plan, documentation, evaluation and admission of failure.
  9. Never get disappointed at failure.  Failure is the stepping stone for success when you learn the reasons for failure and when you attempt to rectify the reasons in your next attempt.
  10. Use technology tools in your every day learning process.

The most important responsibility of youth is to know about themselves as to what they are, what they want to be and how they can realize their plans.

Dear youth: Energize yourself.

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4 Responses to “Time management – sample activity plan for personal growth and job acquisition”

  1. shaikgani July 22, 2012 at 2:39 pm # Reply

    Time is wealth. Until we recognize the value of time and until we use it in a proper way SUCCESS will always looks like a dream for us. If we come to a point, question ourselves that “in a day, how much time we are utilizing and how much we are wasting in our career path?”. Common answer that we get is, less time we use for for real and more time goes waste. Youth should focus on this point. We need a plan that to use our time and to know where to use. The above Time Management Plan will help richly in the context.

  2. sunil July 22, 2012 at 11:21 pm # Reply

    Time is a very important factor in every one’s life. Time once passed can’t be recalled. If money is lost we can earn it but if a particular time Is lost we can never ever earn it back. So, time is very precious and we need to manage the time in such a way that it is not wasted. Regarding personal growth and job acquisition Time management refers to the planning about the type of job required, type of education required etc. For job acquisition we should manage the interview in a such a way that we should be successful in what we aim. Time management can also be defined as a process of planning our daily activities in a Particular hourly manner. Time management is one of the most important and essential element in every individual’s life. With a proper management of time one can easily achieve their goals and requirements.

  3. saipavan July 23, 2012 at 9:44 pm # Reply

    Time can not be managed. It can only be controlled by each individual person and the way time is directed. Scheduling is extremely important to effectively use time. Time management is a great tool for especially for job seekers who should undergo honing of skills and competing with the market through several approaches.

  4. sravani July 29, 2012 at 7:25 pm # Reply

    It is commonly said that “Time and Tide waits for none”. Time is said to be eternal that is time has no end. Such a valuable and precious time plays an important role in our life. If a task is procrastinated the time will go waste and it can’t be retrieved. Hence we have to recognize the importance of time and utilize it in a proper way to achieve success. Otherwise, the success looks like the sky where you actually can’t reach though it is present before you. Time management plan is compulsory and necessary element in our daily life whether for personal development, career progression and social stature.

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