Cultural leadership – the responsibility of youth

Happy families are pivotal for society’s resourcefulness and development.  Happy families are not those who just hold great wealth or enough wealth.  It is the cultural richness which should flow in the family veins and which should beckon the growth of the family.  Youth should grow with such a cultural richness.  Youth should imbibe social, cultural, intellectual and economic leadership.  Youth should make great families to leave great heritage for their progeny.

Indian culture has been the most admired one around the world.  Indian family system, respect for women, the guru-sishya relationship, rich intellect, knowledge and wisdom, spiritual wealth and many more significant attributes of India have been widely lauded and even followed by others.

Among all the cultural significances the family relationship is the most pivotal one as unless we grow in a disciplined family environment we may not be able to beget, practice and retain rest of the cultural attributes.  Family relationship reigns an invisible control on the family members and involuntarily enforces discipline in every walk of life of its members.  Even today we have several families where elders direct the course of happenings for the common well being of all the family members.

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But yes, things are changing gradually.  It may not be possible for us to see in entirety such a family reunion.  Nuclear families have replaced big family entities.  There is absolutely nothing wrong in such a development.  The changing professional statures, priorities, educational and growth pursuits have contributed to such a development.

The pointer in the context is not about small families.  It is about the value of relationships that is ruling the small family life.  Whether we call it fortunate or unfortunate the size of small family came to 2+1. Practically the one child families are denying their child the benefit of sibling relationship, future support, moral strength and the real joy of a family.  We know in most of the cases parents leave the world first.  What is the situation of the single child in the family once the parents get old or exit the world?  Are we not leaving the child orphaned without siblings and parents?

Now the most astonishing thing is the single child gets married into a family which in all likelihood is similar statured with respect to family size.  There is enough money for each spouse.  But where is the moral support?  One may say friendship can replace such a gap.  But how many are blessed with such a friendship?

Now the pointer is not about small families even.  It is about our culture.  Do we have a strong educational system which enforces the knowledge and wisdom about our culture?  Can a one child family follow and carry forward our rich culture?  If so what percentage of families are aware of our culture?    Can a country grow great just through economic development without cultural values in citizens?  Is it not that we are going to cause cultural degradation through growing club culture, foreign lifestyle, live-in relationships, premarital relationships, haughty attitudes, knowledge degradation through commercial qualifications?  There are many more such things having an alarming influence on our today’s youth.

If our youth doesn’t understand, follow and take forward our rich culture we are going to see a lop sided development.  We are going to find a big gap in leadership.  We are going to witness commercial and easy going attitude everywhere.  We may even forego intellect and wisdom in course of time.  We may invite total invasion of foreign culture.  We may find Indian culture and heritage only in books.

Dear youth:  It is your responsibility to imbibe, practice, and carry forward Indian culture for coming generations.  It is your responsibility to shoulder the mantle of cultural, intellectual and social leadership.  As youth you are vibrant with thoughts and resources.  It is also your responsibility to think about our future and in fact about the future of your own children tomorrow.

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4 Responses to “Cultural leadership – the responsibility of youth”

  1. shaikgani July 8, 2012 at 8:07 pm # Reply

    “Family relationship”, “Valuing a woman” and a “Relationship with neighbors” in India is marvelous, especially Family plays a vital role in creating strong Cultural leadership. In today’s circumstances following and maintaining Indian cultural leadership is becoming quite difficult to our Indian youth because of the foreign cultural effect. Most of the youth are habituated to Clubs, Pub’s etc… In my opinion the only reason for this is many of the parents don’t object their children at their external influences and they also think that it is not too bad to stop this and they think that if they oppose their children there may not be a good relationship with them further, may be children feels that their family is objecting their. This is one of the reasons. I strongly believe that India is still having Cultural richness because of villages which are more in India and in villages most people are following Family relationship well.

    Whatever it may be, we should always try to stay away from following foreign culture especially the youth.

    • chanduDflare July 18, 2012 at 8:20 am # Reply

      Culture seems to be a bit unnerving term to me, say, our culture started from the prehistoric ages, don’t you think the time and technology they have,had led them be the way they are(culture), if behaving and preparing for the times in the future is what you call cultural degradation, then i disagree with you. we are way a head in cultural aspects in our country, except few city’s where you can say, the moral value is being degraded. If it had been about moral values then i would have been happy.

  2. sravani July 24, 2012 at 6:48 pm # Reply

    Yes family plays a pivotal role in building cultural leadership. In ancient days only joint families were existed which had been provided culture. Culture took birth from those days only. One who born in a good family can build a good leadership qualities from their ancestors. That is the reason we have so many good leaders in those days. Now a days where ever we see individual families exist and the young generation are ignoring our own culture and they follow the western culture which accords unbecoming freedom to individuals. Thus, it leads to the destruction of our cultural fabric.

    Youth can only protect our culture as it is in their hands.

  3. prameela July 30, 2012 at 10:44 pm # Reply

    Indian culture is best in the world where we value relationships, respecting elders and women. Now a day’s our culture is decaying just because we find rich living in western culture. Most of the youth are attracted towards western culture. We can follow positive things of western culture like to know about their mannerism and neatness of the surroundings. What I suggest is to get to know about the western culture but that should not affect our Indian culture in a bad way.

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