Positive attitude

What is positive attitude?

Positive means “displaying affirmation or acceptance”.

The dictionary meaning of attitude is “A complex mental state involving beliefs and feelings and values and dispositions to act in certain ways”.

What does ‘positive attitude’ mean?  It is the (a)  values and dispositions that generally display affirmation or acceptance to a situation, (b) willingness to be part of any promotive environment, (c) to unify in a situation creating and promoting salubrious conditions, (d) to accept a negative situation with generous or sportive feeling (e) to respect people on as is where is basis and (f) to behave in a way not to hurt a situation, an individual or a cause in question.  We can define positive attitude in many positive ways.  Positive attitude is the path for an individual’s success in every walk of life.

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Positive attitude has several forms.  An individual who bears positive attitude may display it in variety of ways to suit the situational requirements.  The importance of positive attitude is majorly emphasized in the context of youth who are in the path of acquiring knowledge, developing their future, making their career, or aiming to occupy leadership roles in future.

Every activity of ours from the time we wake up and till the time we retire to sleep involves communication.  The activity could be interactions with family members, confabs with college mates, seeking advice from faculty, shopping things, communicating love to the significant other or any other activity.  Communication doesn’t be always with others.  We too often communicate with ourselves.  It may be once in a day, several times in a day or seldom in a week.  In fact communicating with our own-self is the most important activity for self-development.  The quality of response we receive from within us in such situations mostly depends on our attitude.  Positive or negative it all will be in our perceptional understanding on related things.  Thus, we reflect our attitude either positive or negative through our every day communication.  Hence, we should be careful about the words we speak with others to reflect our personality appropriately.

What is positive attitude in practical sense?  How should we reflect our positive attitude?  Let us check how many of the following traits we practice in our day today life.

  1. I prefer to present my self with clean attire, groomed personality and attentive mind.
  2. I prefer fashion and trends.  But I give importance to the situations that demand dress code or rules of communication.
  3. I give value to others thoughts.  I am a good listener.  I try to reflect my thoughts or conversation on need basis without outpouring my language skills or competence.
  4. I give value to the personal side of the individuals and respect them without reservations.
  5. I care for transparency, honesty and sincerity in what I do and in what I promise to do.
  6. I generally listen to the advice and suggestions of elders about my future growth.
  7. I generally invite criticism by faculty, teachers, seniors, mentors or elders with whom I interact for various purposes.
  8. I do not take things personal when others unnecessarily criticize me.  I rather like to focus on other important matters or exit from the sight.
  9. I try to maintain cool and controlled temperament against instigation, indignation, or incitement.
  10. I am very emotional but I try to control my emotions and outbursts when situation arise.
  11. I prefer to speak soft without hurting others.  I guard my communication so as to be free from accusations, blames or sarcastic remarks on others.  I generally behave without inhibitions.
  12. I give utmost importance to my bodily gestures and gesticulations so as to present myself decent and attractive.
  13. I prefer to spend my time in a disciplined and productive way to achieve my short-term and long-term goals.
  14. I prefer change.  I accept change wherever it is required for my growth and development.
  15. I am empathetic, caring and loving.

Positive attitude doesn’t end at the thinking and reflecting our communication or presentation.  It also reflects our seriousness about our future, our vision to achieve positive growth in future, and acting on required things positively ever.

Let us think positive and let us work positive for our growth and development.

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8 Responses to “Positive attitude”

  1. shaikgani July 5, 2012 at 5:49 pm # Reply

    Positive Attitude is a tool for individual growth. I value it a lot, but in some situations after doing something I realize that “In that situation, I could have performed better than I presented myself”. So, like me there may be many others around us. I often feel I should rectify this in next such instances and at times succeed.

  2. sravani July 11, 2012 at 6:45 pm # Reply

    Yes, positive attitude in an individual helps to build a good career. When I was studying D.Pharmacy, our lecturer always says “Be positive,Think positive, Do positive”, I really remember those words, which really helped me in my Personal development.

  3. chanduDflare July 11, 2012 at 9:51 pm # Reply

    A person with out a positive attitude is a fruitless tree. Though he might be an intellectual, or good at what he does, positive attitude will definitely has its own impact . I grew in an environment where in every mentor of mine asked me to never give up on any thing! Hit it till you get it. May be you fail for an instance but that energy used to try the impossible never goes waste. Try imagining Newton with negative attitude, if so, when the apple fell on him, he would have thrown it away rather than thinking why it had come down,and still our scientist would pull their hair thinking about gravity.

  4. prameela July 20, 2012 at 4:22 pm # Reply

    In today’s life, It is very difficult to maintain a positive attitude. And more often you try to be positive. The more it seems to be negative. In my aspect don’t wait for good things happen to you. We have to create our own environment to be happy. Developing a positive attitude that will lead you to happiness and success. Positive attitude helps to cope more easily with the daily affairs of life. It brings optimism into your life, and makes it easier to avoid worry and negative thinking.
    We have to develop our mindset…..
    • To be happy
    • Find reasons to smile often
    • Visualize only what you want to happen
    • Have faith in yourself
    • Stay optimistic
    • Concentration and Meditate

  5. SAIPAVAN July 20, 2012 at 10:37 pm # Reply

    A positive attitude can make the difference between an amazing life and a nonsense life. Therefore, a lot of people should try to change their attitude to a positive ones. First of all, attitude is the way that we behave and the way we react to the daily activities.. consequently, a positive attitude may influence our life and its aspects….
    tips for positive attitude:
    :Wake up Early
    :Plan Your Week and Day
    :Get Spiritually Connected
    :Use positive words in your inner dialogues, or when talking with others.
    :Smile a little more, as this helps to think positively.
    :Surround Yourself with Positive People
    :Be Thankful
    People who maintain a positive approach to life situations and challenges will be able to move forward more constructively than those who become stuck in a negative attitude
    Guys hope you will follow this:)

  6. sunil July 20, 2012 at 11:03 pm # Reply

    Positive attitude means the way how we approach to the situation. With a positive approach an individual can display his capabilities on several fronts. Positive attitude is certainly helpful in developing the strengths of an individual. Positive attitude is the better approach to avoid worry and negative thinking. Positive attitude should be a strength for every individual. A huge task can be simple with the positive approach. Even a difficult task can be achieved easily with the positive approach.If we adopt positive attitude as a way of life, then it will bring constructive changes in our life and makes us happier and more successful. Positive attitude towards any goal shows How much interested, keen and enthusiastic we are towards it. It is a major impressive factor in any person.

  7. K.V.Sarath Krishna July 27, 2012 at 8:47 pm # Reply

    Positive attitude is important for day to day life. It is important for our professional and personal life also the way we think positively the things can become successful. In the interview if we go with the positive attitude we can answer confidently and we may get a job.In the personal life also if we are positive and if we think positive they are chances that we may get success in that.

  8. chanduDflare August 1, 2012 at 7:43 pm # Reply

    Ever heard of derek radmond? A runner who finished the race with the help of his father! Failed to win 400 mts sprint because of a tragic sprain in his thigh, had a run of glory at Barcelona(1992) Olympics.
    Carl Lewis- First runner to break the ten second barrier for 100m sprint.
    Valentina Tereshkova- First women in space.
    Like wise, Michael Jordan, P.T.Usha, Muhammad Ali,ETC. These all are famous personalities who never had a word named “give up” in their dictionaries, Positivity in attitude will get cultivated with fearless desire and breath taking effort for one thing you believe in! Finally when you reach the place called destiny in your life, you end up being inspiration to others!


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