The death of innocents – a tale of growing chaos

The street is narrow and busy.  Shabby little buildings lined both the sides of the street.  They are shoddy in appearance and compelling.  Compelling in a way as you feel they are trying to say something about the past that was sparkling or about the present which is grotesque.

But today it is a nice and a busy day in the street.  A pleasant cacophony of pedestrians bustling around on the dusty path, hobnobbing from one stop to another.  There are ragged vendors selling their wares.  Burqa clad women, their faces covered in hijab are standing in grocery stores or outside meat shops hoggling over the price but in a low and shaky voice. Gruff looking men dressed in traditional rugged pathani attire are seen conversing loudly as if trying to make a point in an argument but in reality they are simply talking and discussing in a natural way.  A group of children running around in full exuberance and free spirits adds life to the whole place.  Everything shimmers in the sunlight beaming with full vigor.  There is a smell of fresh kababs in the air that is strong enough to tingle your taste buds.  Then suddenly out of nowhere a young man emerges from the crowd.

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Our every day life is increasingly resembling the behavior of Sea. Calmness, beauty, low moods, high moods, commotion of tempers, and the challenges to swim the very life. Don’t we need stable peace from this unpredictable life course?

He is tall and has a lanky frame.  He is standing still with a grim face that is bearing a harried expression on it.  He is wearing a skullcap and a shawl is draped over his body.  He is sweating profusely and you can see his hazel eyes are not blinking.  All in all he appears hollow, a person devoid of soul.

The young man opens his mouth as if he wants to shout but he couldn’t.  In the end he manages to say, “In the name of Allah….” He doesn’t complete his sentence in words, but instead he presses a button on TV remote like device.  No one heard him nor the beeping sound that followed.  The young man looked calm.  Now he closes his eyes and then everyone and everything is stunned.

A deafening explosion lynches the street apart, sending everyone in the vicinity into a state of concussion.  Nails and metallic shrapnel s are flying around.  Nearby buildings crumble down.  The area is burning like hell, you don’t see anything, the dust has engulfed the whole place, you can only hear.  Hear the cries, cries full of pain.  Everything in and around is shattered.

The dust settles down and the street is very different in fact hideously different.  Those shoddy buildings have turned into a complete rubble.  Dilapidated bodies are lying all over the dusty road.  A pall of gloom has been casted over everything as if life has been sucked out of this once living world.  The tingling smell of fresh kababs is replaced by the reeking stench of blood.

Everything has come to a halt, you feel that everyone has embraced death, but the cries are still there.  You look around to see who is crying or calling.  You see no one.  But the cries are there.

The cries of pain echo in your mind, reverberates through your body and demolishes everything inside you.

Youth Corner

The article is contributed by Shiva Tyagi, a student of B.Tech (Mech.) from Vignan University, Guntur.

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  1. chanduDflare July 31, 2012 at 9:57 am # Reply

    Empathetic story but the bottom line remains to be the same! It seems the death’s of innocent’s is inevitable where Evil had accomplished its empire. Utterly disgraceful on part of people who dwelt their and others life for such a cause of destruction in the name of God.

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