Twitter basics for bloggers

One of the regular activities of a blogger is commenting on other blogs to maintain a friendly  network.   For a great traffic and expanded identity of your blog on Internet you should explore the most valuable social media channel – Twitter, which helps you effectively promote your blog to a wider audience.

If you are active on twitter, you must be aware of all the commotion over there. From twitter trends to online celeb wars, Twitter provides a great deal of global updates and fun too. And if you are a blogger who is active on twitter, the fun just multiples with all your fellow bloggers joining you and mutually promoting each others’ work while blabbing about your daily activities.

But, are you entirely new to Twitter?  Then it is the biggest missing point in your blog promotion.  Better late than never. Let us look at some Twitter basics so you can have your share of merry while promoting your blog(s).

1) Create an account

Of course the very first step. Create an account, preferably with your blog’s name as the user ID (known as ‘handle’ in Twitter lingo).

Say your blog URL is (or) (or) It is suggested that your Twitter handle also be @abcxy. That makes it easier for your fellow bloggers and others to identify you. Also it will help in the SEO of your blog.


In the initial setup you should describe your brief bio in the profile page.  The brief info should preferably bear the focus keyword of your blog and a crisp description of what you are or your blog is.  This is the brief that any Twitter user would look at before they follow you or when you followed them.  This brief bio is also visible in search impressions along your Twitter handle.  A great opportunity for you to spread your brief profile and link to your detailed profile.  We find almost 50% of new users on Twitter leave this blank.  You know you shouldn’t be one of them.

2) Follow desired Twitter users to Kick-start your Twitter journey.

The next step after you finish your profile page would be ‘follow’.   Follow is a very important element.  Say you are a blogger.  You blog on movies, entertainment and movie reviews.  Your content is relevant to movie industry, celebrities, critics and even general audience.  Here you should use the ‘Follow’ feature effectively.  How?  Search Twitter for Twitter handle of celebrities, directors, artists, producers, entertainment houses, and so.  Follow them.  ‘follow’ in Twitter means adding people to your network. Such people’s tweets/updates are displayed on your page which makes you get the updates and timelines from these people helping you construct your blog content appropriately relevant to the trends and times.

3) Be active, follow your followers

Now that you followed enough people, there is plenty of feed displayed on your page. Once you are active, you will gain good number of followers which may include the people you followed, your acquaintances, friends, bloggers or others who are interested in your tweets and even blog updates. People those who add you to their network are your ‘followers’. Whatever you tweet will be updated on their feed.  Pay right attention to your followers.  In all seriousness you should follow your followers to develop friendly network.  There is an exception, however, to spam followers.  Don’t follow them.

You can also display your twitter feed on your blog. It attracts your blog visitors to 'follow' you on Twitter, thereby you'll gain more followers.

4) Tweet, Tweet and Tweet to stay in touch.

What is Tweet?  Tweet is the twitter basic.  Twitter is a micro blogging platform.  A tweet is any content that you like to share on your Twitter account.  Tweet is limited to 140 characters.

What you can Tweet?  You may tweet your opinion on someone’s tweet.  You may tweet any update like an important or interesting news piece.  You may tweet your blog post link.  You may tweet replying to someone’s tweet.  You may also re-tweet someone’s tweet.

When you are tweeting your blog post link, write a few keywords beside the link of your blogpost which can describe what the post is about.  Act smart and try to attract people in limited words.

Tweets are the way to spread your content across Internet.  Every Tweet you throw into the Twitter stream would compound search results for your Twitter ID and connected links like your blog URL mentioned in Twitter profile bio and tweet links.


twitter-mentionsAnother feature of Twitter is ‘mentions’.  Twitter ‘mentions’ are a way to connect with people. Say you want to start a conversation with a person ‘bcd’ or talk about ‘bcd’ in your tweet. In your tweet you will @bcd and then start the conversation.

5) Avoid junk

Be aware that each and every tweet of yours should add value to yourself and to people you follow. This matters a lot. Don’t say something for the sake of a tweet.  Don’t spam by tweeting your blog links or over said news every time.  If you try to spam you will lose your followers who will un-follow you..

6) Use hashtags

Hashtags are nothing but adding a ‘#’ to tags/keywords. If you are a blogger, you must be adding tags to all your blog posts. In the same way, you can use tags in your tweets. Say, your new blog post is on the topic Bollywood celebrities. Beside your post’s link, add hashtags like #Bollywood #celebrity #yourblogsname #blog #blogging etc. That means you will use keywords that can best describe your post.

7) Follow trends

‘Twitter trends’ list out what is being trended on twitter, what most of the people are tweeting and talking about. Follow twitter trends and tweet your opinions on the same. And add the ‘hashtag’ of the trend in your tweet.


Twitter trends - they appear on the left bottom corner of your twitter account

People like to go through the tweets that are focused on twitter trends. So, if you tweet your views on the same, there is every possibility that your twitter handle and blog gets noticed by wider audience.

Eg: In the above image, #earthquake is the top trend. So, tweet your views on earthquake and use ‘#earthquake’ anywhere in your tweet.

8) Maintain clarity

Hashtags automatically appear with hyperlinks, clicking on which will take you to the search results of that particular hashtag. So, excessively using hashtags in one tweet will disturb the clarity of your tweet.

blogbee-clarityAnd use capital letters to highlight the title of your post or anything else. Even in a pool of tweets, your tweet could be noticed if you do so.

These are the Twitter basics that should help you start your Twitter journey.

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Happy Blogging!

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  1. chanduDflare July 21, 2012 at 8:24 pm # Reply

    Not only blog traffic, Twitter changes the way you blog. After a period of time, you know how to frame the posts to gain maximum traffic. Don’t forget the communication part, the more you tweet, the more you learn, its just that because, one can express his view only in 140 characters in a tweet, so you will know how to convey effectively.

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