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It is an indisputable fact that today’s younger generation has to lead tomorrow’s India.  But does our young India understand this seriousness?  If not it is important for every one of us to discuss this issue on a variety of platforms so that the message reaches our youth.

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Leaders are not born.  We can create leaders in any field.  To be a leader education is not a mandatory element.  We can find out leaders from among the urban educated till the alienated working class in rural India.

Notwithstanding the above fact, it is indispensable on the part of educational institutions and parents to identify their children for their talent and mentor them and lead them to be the leaders of tomorrow.

It doesn’t mean that the youth will need handhold at every step.  It becomes their reciprocal responsibility to pursue the following course of life to become true leaders of tomorrow.

  1. We can’t conserve time.  Time is priceless. Hence, learn and earn knowledge so that it tantamount to conservation of time and resources.
  2. Aim at innovation.  Believe in research and exploration.
  3. Think different.  Find solutions.
  4. Overcome dependency.
  5. Study your country’s needs and situation.  Devote your time and expertise for community and country’s development.
  6. Focus on matters of governance, politics, and socio-economy and try to envision a future role for you.
  7. Don’t blame system.  Involve in solution development.  Be it your personal side, academic situations, professional life or relationship matters.
  8. Feel proud about your religion, culture and customs.  Avoid imitations as a blind follow.  Pursue every aspect with absolute legitimacy and societal responsibility.
  9. Aim at personal reputation and recognition.
  10. Share your knowledge for the community development.
  11. Never compromise with your principles and professional ethics just for earning a little more than others.
  12. Conserve nature, environment and natural resources.
  13. Respect your fellow being or any living being.
  14. Save natural resources and resources earned by you.
  15. Respect your parents, teachers and mentors.

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The above are the traits to be an ideal citizen.  Even a partial persuasion of these principles will make one a responsible citizen.

Are you the young Indian?  What are you today?  What are your personal aspirations?  What are your long-term goals?  What is your say about the future of India?  Do you like to play an active role in the future of India?  What are the challenges faced by you in your growth and thinking?  What kind of support you need to meet your societal thinking?  You may share your thoughts in the form of an article or your participation in the forum here.

The youth corner is meant for Young India.  BlogBee devotes this column to young Indians who can deliberate their issues and find solutions to become the leaders of future India.

Happy Blogging!

Youth Corner


2 Responses to “Youth Corner”

  1. shaikgani July 20, 2012 at 6:24 pm # Reply

    Today most of the youth as I see are not serious about higher development to take up India’s future leadership. “Presidential Polls 2012” in itself is the perfect example of India’s present situation which showed lack of wider choice of candidates for the prestigious position. It is the responsibility of youth to grow and shape up as bright leaders of future India. I know to achieve this youth need mentoring. May be we need more initiatives like “YOUTH CORNER” on blog bee.

    • chanduDflare July 20, 2012 at 8:34 pm # Reply

      choices we make, reflects our character. With unanimous support, Dr.Kalam can be our president if he want to. Besides, I don’t think they are youth anymore Gani! Doings of few will not reflect entire youth, for every embarrassing deed of one, Double the glory had been achieved by others! Values are being recognized, priorities are being drawn toward morality, youth of today are well aware of present situations, and they know when time comes, they have to prove themselves.

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