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Hey student:  Did you ever check yourself what is applicable to you and what is not applicable to you from the following points?  You may like to read this for your career and future development.  You may also register below for FREE TRAINING AND CAREER GUIDANCE from experienced people:

  1. Many of the students don’t have the clarity as to what their technical or professional strength is and as to what their role could be for a given job.  They learn the index of IT skills or other skills and assume that they are market / job ready.
  2. Students are not following the market trends or not getting a feel of market requirement to upgrade their profile accordingly with right projects and right skills.
  3. Students are attracted to unviable ways of getting a job through paid consulting services or any similar means.
  4. Students are not realizing the value of campus time and losing almost 90% of their valuable campus life in unproductive avocations.  They go for eleventh hour preparation for examinations and aim at just acquiring graduation certificate than technical knowledge.  They are vastly wasting their intelligence this way.
  5. Communication and presentation skills are the basic for any individual.  Companies need graduates who can communicate well in English language.  A majority of the student population lack basic oral communication skills and there are hardly 10% of students who possess good skills in written communication.  This is the threshold disadvantage for them because of which they are not able to compete market and getting disqualified in interviews.
  6. Students don’t try to visualize their long-term growth plan.  They just look for an immediate job.  When they don’t get an aspired job they prefer any job irrespective of its relevance to their future career or its significance in the context of their education and skill set.  This approach is failing them get to the deserved stature in future.  There are scores of engineering graduates who are working as data entry operators or sales executives for credit cards or any similar products.  This is just an unjust on the part of our system and future.
  7. Ignorant of the requirement to strengthen their skills upon attaining graduation students go around for job search.  They don’t focus on every day learning or strengthening of skills till they get a job.  This leaves them blank faced in the interviews, especially during technical rounds.
  8. Many of the students wear a very casual approach in their clothing, in their approach and in their communication with others.  They should in fact learn to wear a good, pleasing and responsible personality and positive attitude.  Many of the organizations prefer employees with good attitude than with mere technical skills or job competency.  Positive flair is everything when it comes to achieving success.
  9. Students need to have the habit of reading newspapers, books and keeping abreast with the technologies in order to score an edge during interviews.  There is a major gap in this regard.
  10. Many students don’t even know what is written in their resume.  This is highly unexpected by an interviewer.  Students should be answerable and accountable to each and every word written in the resume.  Resume is everything for job attainment.

There are many more points that I can narrate here.  However, I sincerely blame the system for the above gaps besides cautioning students to be aware of themselves and their future path.

Dear Youth, Energize yourself.

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