Thoughts on Web 2.0

Thoughts on Web 2.0

Bloggers may find these thoughts relevant.  Though the best content is the right strategy for higher traffic if you could surround the content with best practices in blogging, you will have a viable ranking.  We will keep this list periodically updated.  However, if you would like to contribute your thoughts or tips kindly leave the same in the comment so that our team will check and update the same in this list citing your name.

  1. Among millions of websites in the cyber world we deal with a very few in our daily life. It speaks of their promotion strategy not just the business model alone.
  2. Just the very presence of website doesn’t bring desired results. Without promotion it is an orphan.
  3. The truth about online users is that many become addicts than achievers.
  4. Effective linking strategy is one of the important elements in Internet marketing.
  5. Internet marketing is not about a big idea but about a compelling presentation.
  6. Online marketing is more like a TV advertisement. You must make swift impact using a few time pulses.
  7. Online identity is like a perpetual racing competition.
  8. While Alexa ranking has its significance the actual popularity of a Website is recognized by Page Ranking (PR).
  9. A Website, Blog or Internet portal can be effectively promoted for its popularity through Social Media channels.
  10. Social Media channels reduce the need for consistent SEO to a website or Blog.
  11. Business domain knowledge, Competitors analysis, Keyword research are the top 3 aspects for SEO.
  12. Keyword based domain helps in faster results during SEO.
  13. SEO skills are the easier and cheaper means for self employment.
  14. A domain with any name can by a money spinner through professional development.
  15. Internet portals, Blogs and Websites are potential earning platforms.
  16. The key for Google PR is quality content with quality inbound links.
  17. Quality and genuine content with relevant keywords would contribute in increased CTR.
  18. With due customization of premium templates, an Internet portal can be built in a weeks’ time.
  19. Internet portal development work consists a good percentage of reusable modules.
  20. Every other offline business could be developed into an online business model.
  21. Internet portal is an ideal business model for housewives and as a one man army business.
  22. The easiest business augmentation is possible only in internet portal business.
  23. Any one given successful internet portal can be a gateway for several more online business models.
  24. Internet portal is the best tool for self employment.
  25. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) reduced the overall marketing budget of several enterprises today.
  26. The major flaw in websites today is data duplicity.
  27. A blog or website should preferably be on your own domain than on free hosting platforms.
  28. A website however well done should have visitors to appreciate it. You should promote it to attract visitors.
  29. The design & architecture of website including the nomenclature of menu items should be user friendly for better understanding and easy navigation by users.
  30. Online interactions in business should have regular monitoring.
  31. A website with quality content and aesthetics improves the brand image of an organization.
  32. Organization’s website is like a virtual receptionist. Ensure it to be beautiful, communicative and responsive to visitors.
  33. Website designing is all about your understanding of the user habits in site navigation than rich graphics.
  34. The quality of web content is the most important thing than the design and look of a website.
  35. The path to real profit is Effective Service Delivery>Brand Identity>Profit>Growth.
  36. Technology is the one thing that can make or mar your business.
  37. Tweets are better than any news whether TV or News Paper. We can have what we want on the platter.
  38. Mobile phones have become the first choice to access Internet based information especially news and social media channels.
  39. Smart phones and Tablets may slowly downplay the importance of laptops.  Wonder what would replace Smart phones and Tablets in future.
  40. Social Media journalism is going to make inroads into the hitherto coveted fourth estate.
  41. Social Media channels have truly brought down the advertisement cost for organizations provided they could know how to utilize them for a given purpose.
  42. Universities in India should design and offer courses in social media journalism.
  43. In the wake of social media explosion the one thing that matters most for employment is English writing skills.
  44. Every social media channel like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have precipitated development of several hundreds of tools and applications.  In other words these tools have raised employment and entrepreneurial opportunities in a big way.
  45. Every one in the Social Media world adds a few MBs of data to the web at each interaction.
  46. Risk of privacy is inherently built in social media transactions.
  47. How many of us truly count the benefits of time spent on Internet.
  48. Those who don’t calculate the benefit of time spent on Internet would end up as web vagabonds.
  49. Internet publication is the best platform for amateur and professional writers.
  50. If you want to know how productive you have been on Internet you should check all your scribblings on various social media platforms.

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  1. shaikgani July 20, 2012 at 6:05 pm # Reply

    Web 2.0 is one of the best technologies for today’s business world. These Social Media channels are a big source for online marketing. I am sure Web 2.0 Technology will provide many opportunities to youth for jobs, self-development and self-employment.

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