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We have discussed on our official blog on the issues of blog promotion and the context of blog directory for increased blog traffic.   Let us check the basic perspective of a blog directory that a new blogger should know.

A)  Basics of your blog

As a first step at the time of creating a new blog, every blogger should know the following things about his / her blog:

  1. The blog belongs to which category or which subject area?
    • Is the blog related to Arts?  If so does it deal with paintings, photography, music or so.
  2. What is the focus of the blog i.e. how the blog content is going to be useful to the visitors?
    • Is it going to be a focused content related to the chosen category or does it deal with everything surrounding the category?  i.e., the art blog may host paintings, images, may talk about hows and whats on painting, may host tips and secrets and even may sell paintings on the blog.
  3. Who are the target audience or target visitors of the blog?
    • Is it for professional users?  Is it for every type of user?  Is it for only co-artists?
  4. A right title, right keywords and right description to the blog in line with the above three points.

submit url to blog directory

B)  Submit blog to a blog directory

The next step is to submit the blog to a blog directory preferably in the country of target.  What to observe in a blog directory in this context?

  1. The blog directory should have defined the category that his / her blog pertains to.
  2. The blog directory should be hosting the blogs of his chosen language.
  3. If the blog directory has been in the industry for quite sometime, it should be having quite a number of registered bloggers and reasonable level of Google PageRank.  A blog directory which has been in the running for more than 1 year should be holding Google PageRank 4 at the least.  If it had been there for more than 3 years, then it should hold a Google PageRank 6 onwards.  That indicates the kind of content the blog directory generates and the level of user acceptance to the content on the blog directory.
  4. The blog directory should preferably be semi-automatic.  That means it shouldn’t automatically ping your blog for updates.  In such a case the human interaction on the blog directory would be restricted and the blog directory may not be able to generate network buzz of bloggers.
  5. It may be helpful if the blog directory is a ‘do follow’ destination

C)  Look for these parameters in the blog directory

  1. Does the blog directory have integrated social media channels?
  2. Does the blog directory enable useful interactions beyond blogging?
  3. Does the blog directory make a platform for you and even for your family members to expose their knowledge or talent?
  4. Does the blog directory help you monetize your expertise, your blog assets or so?
  5. Does the blog directory offer tips / handhold in improving your blogging quality from the SEO perspective?
  6. Does the blog directory has a user friendly layout and navigation?

blogbee.inThe last and most important thing is that you should register your blog or submit your blog to any number of blog directories.  However, mere submission of blog URL to a blog directory doesn’t help you in your blog promotion.  After submitting your blog site you should indulge with the blog directory on a regular basis and exploit the features offered by it and most importantly the network strength that it gave you to interact with.

At the outset there is no blog directory that brings you a kind of disadvantage.  All the blog directories differ from the perspective of features and functions they offer and the geographical target they operate.  Fortunately most of the blog directories are free and some blog directories even offer you an opportunity to earn rewards and money.

If you are a new blogger submit URL to our blog directory,, and indulge yourself in the blogosphere.

Happy blogging!

3 Responses to “Blog Directory”

  1. Subhash May 15, 2012 at 11:29 am # Reply

    I find blog directories are emerging as an important marketing agents in the face of growing blogosphere.

  2. sravani July 19, 2012 at 5:59 pm # Reply

    Blogging offers real time discussion. At times the content that we get from blogs is usually unique and informative that we even don’t get it in news papers or press releases because bloggers keep looking for new development areas to publish every time new content. Discussions and interactions happen on the spot. So there is no delay of information sharing. Blogs act as Real time Forums and one may find answers to one’s queries mostly real-time.

    Commenting on blogs improves language skills and gives insight into the perspective of many visitors on a given subject. Owning blogs helps build personal branding and also the blogs would emerge as revenue platform if rightly used through Google Ads or similar ad streams.

  3. prameela August 1, 2012 at 8:21 pm # Reply

    Blogging is an act of posting content in a blog or posting comments on someone’s blog. It allows people to interact with each other and can share, debate, promote and build relationships over the topics

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