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Invitation for guest posts

Would you like to write for us and have your post(s) published on our blog?  Are you a keen blogger who would like to share your valuable expertise to extended audience?  Then, this is an invitation to you to write for us.

Why Write For Us?

  • Guest posts are the means to extend varied subject matter expertise or opinions on the topics of relevance to the audience.
  • Guest posts are a mutual win-win for the contributor and the hosting platform.
  • Blogbee.in is a blog directory in the offing which eventually may offer wider audience to your posts.
  • Guest posts will have backlink to guest blogger’s site.
  • All the guest posts will be promoted through blogbee’s social media channels.

blog directory www.blogbee.in

What Are We Looking For?

We like to have a great content that offers benefit of reading to our readers.  You have a wide choice of areas to write for us:

Arts:    Poetry, Writing, Literature
Business:     Small Business, Finance, Marketing, Branding, Talent Management, R&D, Training, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Mentoring, Social Initiatives, Professional Ethics
Lifestyle:    Personal Stress, Personal Branding, Household Green Measures, Travel, Unique Experiences
Politics:    View points on current events and socio political situations
Web 2.0: Social Media, Web Analytics, Analysis on current web trends
Technology:    Gadgets, Cloud Computing, Subject Matter Expertise

May read this further:

  1. Your post shall be between 500-700 words and written in English language
  2. Your post can have two external links including one to your blog
  3. The post should be original and not have been published earlier on your blog or elsewhere
  4. Each post will be submitted in editable format and may accompany relevant images
  5. Each post shall accompany a brief undertaking from you about its ownership
  6. Guest post content shall be mailed to directory@blogbee.in

The go ahead:

If you have read the above and intend to write for us please use the form below to submit your interest.  You may optionally mail to us at directory@blogbee.in indicating the title and summary of post you would like to write for us.

We cherish to see a long term networking with you.

Happy Blogging!

Submit your interest with the title and brief summary of the first post you would like to write for us.


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  1. shaikgani July 20, 2012 at 6:03 pm # Reply

    Thank you for such an opportunity.

    I am keen to write for you. I have few thoughts / topics relevant to your requirement. I am sending my proposal to you separately.

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