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Entrepreneurship is a boon to any nation’s economy.  Because it makes people self-dependent, self-reliant while enabling opportunities for others.  Many of us keep getting business ideas.  This happens mostly during periods of recession, unemployment, and in several instances ideas are driven by the innovative thinking or passion.  Whatever may be the reason, entrepreneurship is an ever welcoming thing, I believe.

However, the very first and the most difficult stage in the journey of entrepreneurship is thorough understanding of entrepreneur cycle and business cycle.  Are both different?  How?

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Entrepreneur cycle is related to the personality and leadership traits.  Many a time it hinges on the clarity of thought, endurance, personal touch, commitment, relationship management and beyond all, sacrifice of many a nature.  Business cycle may inherently consist both project life cycle and product life cycle.  This is related to the business model understanding, business model management and achieving ROI.  These things may not be easy to assimilate at a time or at one go.  But they are certainly possible to imbibe when you engage yourself with a related platform.

In this direction, we would like to facilitate an interactive platform on BlogBee’s Official Blog to discuss matters relevant to entrepreneurship.

Though we will keep posting related information on this platform, at the end of the knowledge tunnel, it is the shared content and brainstorming that would truly help our effort.

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