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President of India Poll 2012

Is it right on the part of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam to ignore the aspiration of millions of people who want him to be the first citizen of India again?

India is undergoing a kind of leadership crisis.  The country is run by a few core leaders whose time is mostly spent in managing the frequent uncertainties in the political and economic front.  Whether we call it fortunate or unfortunate, the views and acts of opposition parties are mostly critical of the ruling party weaknesses or stalling of the democratic proceedings than playing any constructive role in nation building.  The saying ‘of the people, by the people, for the people ’ lost its democratic meaning.

While the political situation is treading such a sensitive path, the intellect of the country is maintaining absolute silence.  We hardly see the role of intellectuals in addressing the challenges or in supporting the ruling government.  The struggle of Anna team probably lost its direction.  As a matter of fact the approach and the methods of team Anna Hazare may not bring in desired change for the very reason that laws alone can never solve societal problems in a democratic setup.  If we need a change it should emanate from within the individuals who are the root cause for a corrupt environment.  Accusing politicians alone for the situation is similar to blaming the pipeline that carry contaminated water than addressing the root of the contamination.

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Anna team should educate young generation and the children of parents who are a part of the governmental system.  Children should be impressed upon the need to hint their parents [who are a part of the government system] to be away from corruption and dissuade unethical practices in the system wherever they are inherent players.  Take the example of Shah Rukh Khan who tendered apology to audience in a recent Wankhede Stadium episode only upon the suggestion of his family and children.  Children have the power to influence their parents.  It is important to eradicate ill at the very root level before hitting the branches.

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The Presidential poll has added further fuel to the flame of uncertainty.  We find opinion divide in every collective group. In this fluid situation millions of people desired Dr. Kalam to be the first citizen of India.  The feeling of people is more genuine.  People want a person who is the cleanest in the country, who is the reflection of intellect in the country, who has the proven stature in the country and beyond all who is humane and concerned about young India.  Dr. Kalam is the person who consistently motivate young generation and who is the most admired person by the younger generation.  A person of such stature ought to be the first citizen who can do better being in power.  It is the question of amount of benefit that he can reach to the country being in power notwithstanding his intellectual contribution otherwise.

As an intellectual and as a leader who can carry the burden of people’s confidence, it falls upon Dr Kalam to understand the wishes of people and accept to be the first citizen of India again.  It may be that the present ambiguity in the political choice related to Presidential Poll is discouraging him to contest.  But all this can be cleared with his firm willingness to contest for the Poll.

Let us hope to see the cleanest intellectual as The President of India in the ensuing Presidential polls.